Heartland Cafe

Ok, really. The fun was in tonight big time. I couldn’t stop having fun talking and laughing and singing and Brettley, the guy who ran sound, heard me when I said to him backstage,
“I like “oomph” on my walking bass lines…and my voice is mid ranger/soprano, so I like bottom end” because he brought the oomph and the bottom end to the top of the edge!
It was ROCKING! Sometimes I had to look behind me because I was like WHAT? WHO??…HUH??? It was as if I had a drummer with a double kick on stage but it was ME ON THE GUITAR
and man it was FRICKIN’ ROCK ‘EM SOCK ‘EM get outta my way goodness! I loooooooove the Heartland Cafe…and the audience…creme de la creme…singing along! Laughing out loud!
Listening! Partaking! Sharing their chips and guacamole on stage with ME! Oh. Oh oh oh oh it was sheer bliss, I tell you. Thank you for putting me in that room, Charlie Dahan! I had
an enormously great time. I think the audience did, as well…No. I take that back. I KNOW THEY DID cuz half of them walked me out to the car in their cool Angel Mike Buffalo shirt and
Brian with his camera and all the ladies and their bright smiles and Lance’s friend Cathy, all joy filled, and Tracey, dear Tracey Dear, helping lug those two G-less stringed guitars and Lance
tugging along with the suitcase of cds and me just enjoying everybody everybody in the glow oh such an amazing thing to sing and share that Kohl’s makes shirts that smell like pot when you
sweat and David with the plaid shirt wrote me a love note for my pocket, for later he said, and I read it outside under the stars and everything was swimmingly happy.

Holly and Jim and Barbara, wowing me by coming into the city from oh-so-far away to sell cds…Holly made handmade cards to promote the cds and to announce that she would answer any questions
about the music/songs/Saraisms….and I was warming up in the bathroom and so I sang “I Couldn’t Help Myself” for Holly cuz I knew she was in the bathroom, too, and then later from stage when
I told her I wanted to sing it for her but couldn’t because I had no G-strings on EITHER guitar, she said she was ok because she’d already heard it and gosh that made my heart feel so r-e-l-a-x-e-d
because I knew what she meant.

Dear Tracey, thank you for letting us stay in your home with your sweet boys and wife and now I must go to bed I must I am so so tired and it is 2:15 in the morning and tomorrow we get up at 6:45 to
leave for the airport for Austin and goodbye whirlwind Midwest tour. I hope I can return soon. I hope the numbers of people grow in attendance because I do want to come back.

iolana turns 8 today! We will celebrate all day, planes or no planes, it’s all good as we are all together as a family and the love grows wherever we land!

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