Hello, Mr. Kerry? A poem

(Dial tone…sounds of buttons being pressed…ringing…ringing…ringing..)

Hello, Mr. Kerry?
Are you listening?
Cuz we hope you hear us,
Mr. Kerry…
Are you listening
More than ever
We need you right now…

Cuz the world is a mess
And I must confess
There is hopelessness…

Hello…Mr. Kerry?
Are you out there?
Now’s your chance to
Make up your mind
Take the bull by the horns
Walk up to that plate
Be sure of yourself
And you’ll find…

That the world needs someone
As sure as they come
To lead…what a chance in a million

Mr. Kerry…if you’re listening
Listen to this voice
And give us a choice
To believe in

The right is all wrong
And what’s left isn’t strong enough
But I must have hope
You’ll go on
And stop wasting the time
You’ve been given

Oh, Mr. Kerry
What are you doing?
Stop chewing on the past
And make a point that will last
We just want to enjoy the lives
That we’re living

The list is so long…
So very, very long…but simply put:
We all want peace…

and we want justice
We want the truth from leaders
We want to feel safe…
We want clean air…
We want integrity…and we want liberty
Not just at home…
But abroad
Work with other nations
And police stations
And tax proportionally
And don’t forget…. better education
And we need to understand
That we are part of a planet
Not the owners…
So if you really speak French
Do it now
Speak it out loud
In front of a crowd
Just dive on in
There is no sin
To be who you are
To be a star
You have to shine
In your own way
Or else you play
As very strange
And self-absorbed
And a little scared

So, just let go! What have you got to lose?
Just choose
To be yourself
You…who…can…do…it…now…or never…
It won’t be long before millions
Pull a lever
Change your fate
Before it’s too late
Just be JOHN
And bring it on!

Hello…? Hello…Mr. Kerry?

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