Hot Diggity Dog!

That’s how much fun I had at Rutymaya last night, with J.C. running sound, I felt like a million bucks up there, in the swirl of orange glow and moms cheering me on out in the dark. That’s right! Moms from the kindegarten class at our school came out and supported one of their own, and it sure made it super fun for me.

I played two and a half hours, just me and my Taks. And I have to say, I love those guitars. I love how they have the tuner built into the body, so I can be switching tunings all night, and it has a bypass switch, so I can chat and be tuning at the same time, and everyone can see me twisting the tuning pegs, but they don’t have to hear the boing-boing-boing-boinnnng of the strings stretching (or relaxing) into place. And I love how they have tubes, for that warmness and depth….Gosh, my guitars ROCK! And they make me want to be even better as a player. Plus, when I went to audition some Gibson electrics with my buddy, Bradley Kopp, he told me to dig in. And thinking about digging in on the electric made me want to work my acoustics more deeply, to explore every rythym and thought running through my mind. I work hard at staying in the pocket, too…I want my time to be solid. So, it’ll take a bit before I break out the electric, but thanks to Bradley for the lesson and thanks to Gibson for picking me up into their family of instruments. I’ll talk more about which models I end up choosing once I decide.

There was a man at the show last night named Michael, and he comes up to me afterwards and tells me he is from Boston. Then he tells me he asks the cab driver, “Where should I go tonight? I want to hear some music,” and the cabbie says, “I’m taking you to hear Sara Hickman!” Can you believe that?! Whoa. I nearly peed my pants when he told me that. You know, that is beyond cool. I don’t know who you are, mister cabman, but thank you for the reference and I owe you a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Thank you for the referral!!!!!! You made my day.

Off to make lunches for school and water the snake! Good morning, world…and thank you to Teresa and Winker and Lori and Kelly and Beatrice (again, I’m sooooo sorry I couldn’t remember your name! Gosh!) and Sarah and Kelly and Sharon. You moms rock and oh, the dancers dancing to my tunes….Golly! Golly golly golly that was feeling smooth!!! Or maybe that was the wine Sarah brought up.

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  • Lori


    Sara, we had a BLAST! But beware — Kindergarten Mom groupies can get a little wild.

    Hurry up and play again!


  • andy-dog


    I have not known you to be predisposed to peeing in your pants, and I hope you do not become so, as it would be quite inconvenient for a busy person such as yourself. I also look upon your new interest in playing electric (congrats on the Gibson endorsement) with a mixture of delight and mild trepidation. Rock on, dear one!

  • JC Rx


    Sara, you freekin’ rock!

    I can’t wait to hear you with an electric and some pedals doin’ the ‘dweedily-dee’ [ ~ Zappa].

    I hope and pray that there’s a parallel universe somewhere [where you are twins or triplets]…

    Lance is a most fortunate man!

    You are SO one of the cutest, most talented, outrageously funny, saucy, sexy, charming, thoughtful, incredibly smart, and beautiful and creative people i’ve known in 50-plus years on the planet…

    It is always a pleasure to do your sound; thank YOU! I’m really glad that your show last night will be one of the last two or three shows i will do at Ruta Maya [ – suffice to say that their so-called “Revolution” there has not set well with me; two years on, getting less and less
    (money, respect, gigs, etc) says the time has come to move off to something else (i don’t know what yet, but nature abhors a vacuum!)]

    And so sorry to read about your mouse!

    I know the feeling! Yesterday started badly, with the loss of a very old and dear mama k’at.
    [i feed (and, yes, spay and neuter when I can catch ’em) 40 – 50 ferals and post-ferals; it’s why i still live on my 3rd ex-wife’s couch, …well for another day or two)!] Your joy and happiness from the stage turned the whole evening around for me; my k’ats would love you!

    Peace, Love and Light! ~ jc rx

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