How Surreal Life is….

Back in 1990, or some time shortly after that year, I was contacted by a wonderful Dali afficionado named Paul Chimera. He
wrote to tell me how much he loved the song, “Salvador”, and then he asked if he could include the lyrics of mine in his
magazine about Salvador Dali. I was so stoked! Since my lyrics mirrored the early days of Dali’s beginnings, and then
became a surreal recollection of his life, I was honored and thrilled that someone who also loved Dali would appreciate
my song. So, over the years, Paul and I traded letters and books and, on occassion, Paul would send me something
from an art opening that had to do with Dali, as well. Tonight, I just got this letter from him, and he included a link.
If you love Dali as much as we do, click it on: quite surprising, but not surprising, for Dali was always the first, last
and eternal to know! And, once again, he beats us to the punch.



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Dali is as light as a Hickman-inspired angel!

Viva Dali!

Your Dali Brother in Buffalo,


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