I Met A Pirate! I Made Music!!!

I have to go to the grocery store right now, but I have thoughts out the wazoo to share with you.

Hopefully, to pique your interest, I will leave these notes so you will see what I will be saying in the not so far off future:

1) I met a real pirate who is named REDBEARD and he had PINK DYE in his beard! And he was NICE! Reallllllly nice.
2) Gas prices are not going down because the Bush administration is sick and twisted.
3) Went to Joe McDermott’s studio today and we finished my new song for the Austin Public Library system….Oh ho ho…is it FUNTASTIC!!!
4) All about my eggplant
5) More on the new record
6) Oh, something else. I’m sure there will be something else upon my return from the grocery store.

You Know Who

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