I Still Haven’t Introduced You to Oil, But She Will Arrive

So, where was I? Oh, yes, I filled you in on Thursday’s events, and part of Friday’s….and now, join me, won’t you, as we peruse the memories of Friday night…

So, Rain and I get dressed, grab a taxi, and head off to the Broadway Performance Hall. The air is cold and wet, and Rain pulls my suitcase full of cds as I carry the two Takemine guitars (have I mentioned how much I love Takemine lately? Well, I do.)
We enter this beautiful, old red brick building to be greeted by….no one…no one anywhere. Not at the box office, not down the halls, not in the locked office behind the box office. You can see where this is going…

“Helllooooooooooo! Where are you? We’re here!” I’m hollering out to white washed hallways and a metal gate that obstucts our entrance to the theatre. You know, it is so much fun to be LOUD in empty halls!

Finally, a woman named Natasha appears. She has Rockrgrl credentials. She takes us backstage. A wide, open, tall ceilinged room with sofas and too much bright light. The only thing to drink is some water at the bottom of an empty flower vase. No, I don’t drink it. But I was thirsty!

I’m not going to go on here about what happened at sound check. You know, sometimes things flow and sometimes they don’t. Sometimes people are considerate, and sometimes they are rude. ALWAYS, though, it is how you respond to what you PERCEIVE to be happening. So, was I a diva, you ask? No. Was I certain in my beliefs as I was seeing them? Yes. Did I respond appropriately and with conviction? Yes. Did we finally get the sound check an hour and a half after we were supposed to sound check? Yes. And here is where I would like to thank Susan and Natasha for being our comrades in arms. Thank you.

Downstairs, as we waited for the events to unfold, I met the Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra. I think they were a 20 piece ensemble….and they had on nice, sparkly black, although the sax player was sporting these cool pants with the sidestripes in velvet and she had a cleanly shaved head! Wow! Anyhoo, we struck up a conversation because Carolyn, the executive director, said some nice things about my music and I said what a shame I hadn’t sent charts up for us to work together…she sparkled and said, “Well, we’d love to have you sit in…do you know “Fly Me To the Moon” ?” What!? Was I jazzed ! (Yes, that was intended!)
What key, I asked. Just right, I said. Before you know it, I”m out on the stage for ANOTHER soundcheck (of which I will also not report upon) singing and wailing away to the big band swing of the SWJO!!! Yes, baby, I was Frankie all the way!!! Spitting and growling and crooning and throwing notes away like no body’s business. And now we are talking about making that dream of mine a reality: a Christmas big swing album with little ol’ you know who leading the vocal vibe!!! YESH!!!

On to dinner with Rain and her super-duper husband, Mr. Bill, and a quick chat on color blind mountain climbing and all the dangers associated with said climbing, we rushed back to the hall….

I jump out on the second to last song with the orchestra…After this delightful performance came to pass, out came Rain.
I must say, playing guitar for someone else is THE BEST!!! I loved it! I love reading charts! I love my guitar (which is a Takemine, did I mention that? Love my Takemine.) I loved playing slow, I loved feeling and delivering the dynamics to surround Rain’s beautiful voice with the orchestra of my six strings. I love Rain’s songs! What’s not to love? The sound was very nice (but let’s not mention soundcheck EVER AGAIN), and the audience ate her up! Super. A super time by all.

Next on the bill: moi! So, basically, I walked off stage, turned around and walked back out to jam by myself. Had a swell time. Kicked out my shredder technique; stunned myself with my right hand (I’ve had some carpal tunnel the last year, so I have had to take it easy on the guitar)…my hand would NOT STOP strumming, so I basically held on for the ride. I was moaning like Keith Jarrett or Tori Amos…and as the crowd exploded in their very kind way, I left the stage, body shaking from the energy. I literally was shaking in my friend Kong’s arms. Whoo! That was some energy, I tell you what.

Right now, I can’t remember what happened after that. Where did I go? What did we do? I will have to ask Rain…oh, wait! I remember now! Yes, yes! We went downstairs and Rain’s husband greeted us and he said beautiful things to his beautiful wife of her beautiful voice and then he turned to me and with mucho gusto delared, “That f***ing rocked!!!” A smile spread across my face and my shaking stopped. Ah.

Then we all went back to the hotel with Shawna and her son, Travis, her husband, Mike, and their friend, James (what a sparkle he has!) Travis insisted I sign my name on his belly with a sharpie. James told fun stories. Mike liked the song for my mother. He was very sweet in his comments. Thank you, Mike. Shawna took pictures of all of us. Kong looked quite stunning all dressed up. I had always seen him on tour, out with his bands, in comfy working clothes, and here he was: black slacks, shining shoes, dress socks (!!!), creased, sharp shirt. Looking good! I liked the gold earring, too. I like the pirate look on men when it is subtle. (Those glass tubes through the nose have got to go, people.)

Thank you, Kong! Thank you, Shawna! Thank you, audience! Thank you Seattle Women’s Jazz Orchestra! Thank you stage hands! Thank you, Rockrgrl! Thank you, Shawna’s family! Thank you, Bill, for dinner! Thank you, Rain, for allowing me to
play guitar with you! Thank you, taxi cab driver! Thank you, Seattle weather! Thank you thank you.

Next entry: Just what went on at the Bonnie Raitt show on Saturday? and dinner with Kong at the supper club!

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