I want to be a Rock-n-roller!

Flew to Dallas today to do a show for a group that helps folks adopt Guatamalan children…it was at a ranch in Celina, Texas….A town car picked me up with a super driver named Abraham. We got lost for awhile out in the countryside…he had to stop a couple of time and ask some ranchers and cowboys how to find the place we were looking for…The building I sang in looked like a giant Beer Barn, but, whoo! It had some mighty B-B-Q going on!

The stage was in the back, and there wasn’t a P.A., but I just didn’t worry about it after mussing with it and realizing the system was from 1987 and there was no 1/4″ jack for the guitar….so, I had lunch with my new six year old friend, Audrey, and her cool mom and dad and sister, Eliana, who is from Guatamala. During lunch, when Audrey told me she loved horses, I said, “Ooh, are you going to grow up to breed horses or ride them?” and she looked at me like I was a loon and said, “No! Why, I’m going to be a Rock-n-Roller!” Met a lot of fantastic families, and heard about their beautiful kids. One family has adopted FOUR children! God bless these families!
Anyway, after a fun afternoon, back in the town car, back to Love Field, flew home to Dallas and read the paper. Finished another book and filled out a contract on the ride.

Speaking of loons, yesterday the family went canoeing. Lily and io made a picnic lunch all by themselves; we didn’t even peek in the basked to see what they’d made.
Got to the park, rented the canoe from a young woman and her sweater wearin’ chihuahua, Lula, headed down the river. We saw turtles and fish and a swan with a crazy itch…kept rolling itself in the water, biting at it’s own back. Feathers flying everywhere, so, of course, Lance and I were encouraged to paddle over to scoop swan feathers, big and white and downy, out of the water. We now have new additions to our feather collections here at home.

Picnic was fantastic. We rowed out past Congress Avenue bridge, found a green spot, and tucked into a little cove. Sat on a bench, the four of us, and watched the water lazily rolling by. Gorgeous day. Sunny and sweet smelling, not hot or cold. Just perfect. We ate our double decker peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, our bottled waters (still icy!), our goldfish and chips, our peaches and apples and carrot sticks on round, white plastic plates. Two pit bulls came running up the grassy knoll, and I was nervous for a minute, but they were bouncy, happy creatures, turning around as fast as they had sauntered up to us.

Back in the boat, paddled back to our beginning.

Our office is really getting organized. Teresa has really done a fine job of turning this office into a one-stop wonder of effeciency. I love having folders for gigs, for
contracts, for BMI, for family, for church, for you name it. There’s a folder. If not right now, check back with me on Tuesday and I bet there will be one with your name on it!!

So, I have another gig in forty minutes…better go change out of my user friendly decorative overalls and into something more adult.

Tomorrow is the annual Homeless Sunrise Service…if you are in Austin, please come. This is a very moving ceremony in which there is music, prayer, and the names of those who have died homeless on the street have their names read as we place carnations in the river. It is at the Gazebo near the First Street Avenue cross over at Town Lake….6:45 am….I will be singing, and a Rabbi will be leading us in prayer and thought. Breakfast, coffee and fellowship with an assortment of diverse people guaranteed.

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  • FTC is so grateful to you for your energy and passion, Sara. You inspire our family and now you have inspired our families.

    Best wishes to you in 2007!

    Chip and Eliana (who is anxious to go now and ring in the new year with her rock’n’rolling sister Audrey!)

  • Carrie


    oops…sorry Sara (no H) smile

  • Sarah – thank you so much for performing for us. We really had a wonderful time in that barn in the middle of nowhere and will absolutely be in the front row if you have a show in Houston. Your toddler CD was a lifesaver on the ride back from Dallas. I just popped it in and Emery just sat there with a huge smile on his face (letting out an occasional holler in the quiet seconds between tracks) until he fell fast asleep. I can’t wait to play the newborn CD for our future baby. You have such a great gift! Thank you so much for coming!!!


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