Ib you hab a hade code, here are sub pun tings to do whal wading for the snot to dissibate and leeb you be!

1) Call all your friends and tell themb you need somb matza ball soub. See how many of themb show ub with the soupb.

2) Eat lots of matza ball soupb and slurp until it sbills down your chin. Make sure and wear a nabkin to catch the dribs.

3) Write a list of adjectives to describe what it feels like to hab snot in your nobe. Here are some to get you started: NOT sublime, exbloding, blah.

4) Remember all the good timez youb had wib peoble you lub. This will helb you to realize one of these peoble you lub is, probly, also subbering a hade code and, maybe, they will subber with you via Skybe.

5) Hey, now. Don’t let the hade code bring you down. It’s temborary, you know. Like a fleeting flock of Canadian geese, just meandering overhade, except IN your hade. Flabbing their enorbous wings and causing you to want to yell, “Stob it, you geese in my hade!”  Your hade code isn’t going to migrate any time soon so hunker down in your bade and play a dum(no need for a letter “b” here, you see, because “dumb” sounds stubbed up whether I spell it like it’s stubbed up or not) game or write a ledder to somebun you lub. I mean, a real ledder, not email ledder. Whatever you do, don’t clime a ladder or eat blubber. Both can make you furder nauseus and scadder brained.

The end,


You know who

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