Israeli Pilots

This morning I read in the paper how a group of 27 Israeli reserve pilots have signed a petition refusing to take part in what they felt were “illegal and immoral” strikes in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

I applaud their courage and their conviction. I know there are Israelis who are trying to stand up to their government and to protest the continuing violence in the Middle East. I know there are Palestinians, too, who are tired of the ceaseless attacks (from their side and the Israeli side)…

Keep praying. Keep believing that there can be an end to the atrocities not only
between these two peoples, but fighting groups around the world.

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  • Sara:

    Long time listener. First time writer…

    Yes, the 27 are very heroic and I believe the only hope for a settlement of this conflict lies with courageous folks like this on both sides.

    Have you checked out Uri Avnery? He is my favorite writer from the Israeli side of things.

    See his great take on the 27 pilots here:

    Patrick Brooks
    Houston, Texas

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