Lightbulb House

Our house is almost finished being painted on the outside. It is now lime green with periwinkle shutters and doors. As we drove up from school today, iolana said, “Well…here we are! Home to the lightbulb house!” I had to laugh. Her timing is so perfect.

My new assistant, Jenny, is doing a fine job figuring out how things work. She is mellow and smart and she drank three cups of coffee today! She likes to collect handbags. She is a dancer. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn meets
Martha Graham.

Well, I decided, after fourteen years, to place all of my awards on on the book shelf across from my desk. They were in serious need of dusting, I tell you what. So, there they are. It’s cool! I never had a trophy case growing up; I never had any trophies! Whenever I won things as a child, they gave me cash or a paper certificate. Funny, I just whined about the Grammy disappointment, and looking at these awards today I realized they almost all had to do with my community involvement, and I found myself smiling, remembering WHY I won the award…the place and time and spirit of working to make this world a better place. It reminded me that, again, the purpose is important, not the award or the adulation.

Thanks to everyone who helped me find April! We caught up and I even talked to her mother, in person, and that was rewarding! What a neat family they are. Thank you, again, April, for all you give and do.

AND! For those of you who receive my newsletter, remember how I mentioned David, the president of Daisy Sour Cream? I asked if y’all would be willing to send a THANK YOU for allowing me to sing on the Daisy Sour Cream ads…
Well, guess what? Yesterday and today I have been writing new concepts for the next Daisy campaign, and on Monday I go in to sing again…So, that cracked me up that I thought, “Let’s thank David!” out of the blue, and then the next thing you know, the phone rings. I love how life never ceases to amaze me!

I made homemade chicken tetrazinni today for the first time. Wow. That was cool! I loved sauteeing the mushrooms and scallions with butter…mmm…the house smells so good right now.

We had a helium tank this week from a shindig we threw for iolana’s class, and so we have had balloons floating around the house all week. When they start to sink, we just get the tank down and make some more! I love it!
Helium tanks are instant colorful floaty fun!

Ok, the kids and I are off to Chuck E. Cheese…gotta go!

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  • Barbara


    I am just so happy that ‘new’ commercials with that lovely Sara voice will be soon coming out of the FoodTV spots (hopefully?) ..dallop of Daisy…. please,oh please keep them on the FoodNetwork and not just in Texas markets….

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