Magda Lynn Seymour is Pure Love: Share that spirit on her birthday! 301-294-7208

Hi All

This is a comment posted on my blog about one of the most amazing women you could ever hope to know. Magda Seymour. Some of you may know her from shows in D.C. Magda has been ill for many years now. I will let the letter following explain her current situation…but what I hope will happen is that each of you will take a moment on Magda’s birthday and call to wish her love. Even if you don’t know her. Because let me tell you…the joy you will bring Magda will be huge…She is an outpouring of affection and complete presence. She is an inspiration not only to me, but to many, many others. She leaves happiness with all those she has met, and I would love to return the favor.

Please read on. Please take a moment to call her on July 15.
Thank you,

Hi, Sara. We haven’t talked before, but you are constantly in my family’s mind, of course, because Magda loves you and talks about you so often.

So, I just wanted to let you know it’s her birthday on July 15. She’s at a stage now where she can still pick up the phone (usually), but can’t reliably move any other body parts. Even her neck fails her, sometimes, and lets her head droop. But it’s just like your student sang in that song, “Magda’s smile.” Honest to God, her smile is getting brighter and brighter, almost like a light bulb.

She would LOVE LOVE LOVE a birthday call from you anytime in the days around her birthday if you can manage it. Her phone is 301-294-7208.

peace, to a favorite earth angel —


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  • I first met Magda when we both worked at a local radio station. She was a student at Michigan State University and working at the station as an intern. The moment I met her I knew she was something special. She radiated energy, was creative beyond measure, and so full of fun it was an absolute joy to be around her. You couldn’t feel bad if Magda was in the room! We remained close friends for many years, and finding a letter from her in the mailbox – or getting a phone call from her – was a treat beyond measure. She’s one of those women who was truly INVOLVED in everything. From local issues to world politics, from human rights to animal rights. Everyone who knows Magda knows that a bigger, brighter personality would be hard to find.

    I’m sad to say that I haven’t kept up my communications with Magda because our last phone call was so difficult for her. But seeing this blog has reminded me how important contact from friends is to her. I’m pledging to make contact and renew my relationship with her – as I hope others will.

    Thank you for sharing Magda with the world – she is truly a one-in-a-million person with a spirit as big as the universe.

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