Marty’s Surprise

My dear friend, Marty, the man behind the control knobs of most of my records (including ALL of my children’s cds) is on his way over here RIGHT NOW. This is exciting because we have a surprise party planned. Just me, Lance, the girls and Marty’s girlfriend…

His girlfriend and I worked on it all week.
We giggled all the way through. I got his mom to send the traditional angel food cake to my house instead of to Marty’s (she sends it every year, so he is probably feeling a little miffed right now.)

Shh…I have to go back to the kitchen….I’m about to start sauteeing the portabella mushrooms…Lance and the girls have run off, quickly, of course, to grab some Cool Whip and grated cheese for the baked potatoes.
Well, the cheese is for the potatoes. The Cool Whip is for the ice cream and cake, silly me!

I am sneaking in here to say…this is absolutely fun. I love celebrating someone as dear to us as this man.

Happy Birthday, Marty! We love you!

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  • marty


    this is the first blog entry i’ve ever made, and i can’t think of a better place to make it. i can only say that i was so surprised and honored by sara and her family on my b-day. if you think
    she can sing and play guitar, you should try her cooking.

    i can only say how much i love sara and her family for so many reasons. you guys are the best.


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