1. This Too Will Pass
  2. Mother’s Little Helper
  3. Everything’s Red
  4. Like A Collar On A Dog
  5. A Song Of You
  6. Comfort’s Sigh
  7. My Mama’s Hands
  8. The One
  9. Living In Quiet Desperation
  10. Take Whatever I Can Get
  11. Too Fast
  12. Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?
  13. Little Blue Man
  14. Later Than You Think
  15. Simply
  16. 500X (The Train Song)
  17. I Wish You Well


Music Videos

  • Always A Saint
  • The One
  • Woman Waiting To Happen

Live at Poor David’s Pub!

Relive a complete performance by Sara Hickman with Kristin DeWitt at this raucous Dallas venue with a very vocal audience!

This limited edition DVD is a must for anyone who’s been to one of Sara’s rockin’ performances, and even more so for those who haven’t had the chance yet! Extras include Sara’s latest music videos.

Released 2018 | Sleeveless

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