Big Bird, Little Bird

Hello, I’m Sara Hickman, and thank you for listening to my songs, and watching the gentle animation we created especially for you and your baby. As a mom, I know having a new baby is like no other experience. It’s a miracle. I used to ask my babies, “Where did you come from?” I will never understand how I got so lucky to have such beautiful beings in my world, and I bet you feel that way, too. So, I wanted to share some simple feedback with you on my experiences, to help you have an amazing life with your child, too. Enjoy every minute!

Big Bird, Little Bird, based upon Sara’s award-winning CD Newborn, features 13 soothing songs for children ages newborn to five. The DVD is brought to life through bright, colorful computer animation (one by Sara herself) that engages young viewers and creates a calming bonding experience between parent and child that can be shared and enjoyed again and again.

Whether learning about the goop lingering in the corner of your eye, the family tree or a dispute between two birds over a crumb of bread, Big Bird, Little Bird is a DVD that’s a sweet union of visual, lyrical and musical art and a stunning treasure to be added to any wee one’s home video library.

Track Listing

The songs included on the DVD are “It’s Alright (acapella), “A Slice of Heaven,” “Goop’s In It,” “Big Bird, Little Bird,” “Lily,” “This Heart,” “You Are My Sunshine,” “The Family Tree (You and Me),” “All Things Bright and Beautiful,” “We Are Each Other’s Angels” and “It’s Alright.”

The DVD also includes 15 short parenting tips – hosted by Hickman, a certified parenting instructor – offering ideas on what to expect as they enter the glorious challenge that is their newborn’s life. Tips include “Nursing,” “First Hello,” “Introduce Your Baby,” “Being Polite,” “Being on the Same Level,” “No-No to Pacifiers,” “G.E.M.s,” “Feeling Frustrated,” “Early to Bed, Early to Rise,” Consistency is Key,” “It’s a Whole Other World,” “Going to the Store,” “Family Ritual” and “Rap Up.”

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