Ok! My Art Bull

Well, I just finished creating a bull that will be auctioned off to raise money for Share Our Strength. This group has inspired hundreds of volunteers, chefs and corporate partners to raise over $180 million to fund more than 1,000 anti-hunger organizations worldwide. Spain’s iconic bull, via a company called Osborne, has come to my house in the form of a large, flat, wooden shape, and my job was to decorate the bull and return it by the 27th of this month.
It will tour the world and, finally, be auctioned off to help Share Our Strength.

Following is what I wrote and cut out and adhered to my “golden” bull, complete with a smaller, swinging golden bull that says “Your change” on one side and “Changes the World” on the other….here’s what my bull now reads:

This is no bull. This is art. Art that will change the world. When you buy this art, your name will go here, in golden ink. Because when you buy this bull (which isn’t bull in the least), you’ll be helping children. And then you can say to your friends, “Hey, I paid _____ for this bull, so you better believe it.” Then continue telling them that the money you spent on this bull went to buy relief for others. In fact, if you spend $500 on this bull, you will help a village buy a cow AND a bull, and then they can create their own herd, to supply fresh milk and meat for children and their families. If you spent $1000 on this bull, you will have bought a cow, bull, chickens and a goat. If you are able to brag that you spent $10,000 on this bull, then you will have helped many villages have food for many years to come. So, as you serve dinner to your friends and celebrate your intelligent purchase, you can smile knowing your kindness will live on long after the party. And that’s no bull. Just like this art.

When the bulls are up and being displayed, I’ll be sure to letcha know. Maybe you can go see all the bulls in your very city. I hope mine hangs next to Antonio Banderas’ bull cuz I really enjoyed him in “Evita” and “Spy Kids”.

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