My brain, Roger, is talking like this: Willie! Cactus! Willie! Cactus!…

Yes, some of you know my brain, Roger, has a mind of it’s own. Today, this is what it is saying (I’m secretly listening in):

Meeting Willie tonight!
Will Cactus be run by KUT?
Meeting Willie tonight — OMG!
Cactus, I love you AND KUT…. your coming together… it would be the perfect solution!
Willie — I have no idea what to wear, and I am freaking out! Dress or jeans? Feel free to call me and let me know.
Cactus! You are so glorious and forever tatooed on my heart and I will continue to speak out on your behalf… FOREVER!
Willie — will you sing “I Wish You Well” to close out the compilation cd Sara’s making to raise funds for two non-profits that help Texas kids get arts/music/theatre in schools?
Cactus — you make everyone sound so good. You will never close. I will force Sara to chain herself to the bar, if need be!
Willie — don’t let the fact that I, Roger, dominate Sara’s thoughts as I AM her thoughts. Think of it as a person who has the capacity to share her mind with herself… and others… and, simply, grow from the experience of listening to herself!
Cactus — I, Roger, need to do a show with Sara there soon. Ah, I see! I will be doing a cd release party there in May!
Willie — Sara listens to me and knows that you are a busy man. Therefore, she has given you much time to record the aforementioned song because the cd won’t be coming out until September….and, btw, your bestest bud, Ray Benson, is doing a song. So did Marcia Ball! And Shawn Colvin! And Edie & The New Bohemians…oh, Willie! Can you make Sara’s dream come true? We are counting on you.

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