My First Summer Crush

I was in sixth grade, and I went to Arkansas to visit family. My cousin, Lynn, was the general manager of a Holiday Inn, and me and my cousins would sit around the pool, eat coconut creme pie and drink coca-colas. It was a blast!

Well, we all jumped in the pool and were playing Marco-Polo, when this very handsome, very tan, very blonde boy who was probably 16, jumped in and started playing the game with us. It was love at first sight for me.

I could not stop staring at him. He looked kinda like the actor from “Blue Lagoon”, only taller. He had twinkly blue eyes and the nicest smile.

I had short cropped hair and sun blisters on the right side of my face (sunburn). I was skinny and shy.

We were splashing in the water, and it became his turn to be “it”. As I was laughing and attempting to swim away, he suddenly turned and reached out a hand that landed on my face and popped my blisters. The chlorinated pool water starting stinging the open blisters immediately. I was in tears, but didn’t want him to see. He was excited he had caught someone and didn’t see I was hurt. (I had turned the other cheek…)

Well, the song playing on the pool radio was, “Never Gonna Fall in Love Again”…and to this day, whenever I hear this song, my heart smiles.
Ah, the agony and the ecstasy of young love!!!

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