My friend, David Roth, is comin’ to Texas! Go hear him sing, woncha?

David is witty, he’s compelling, he’s handsome, he’s smart, he’s a great songwriter, he’s compassionate,
he will move your heart, he has a rich, chocolatey-smooth voice. There. Now don’t you want to call up a friend,
or ask your partner, “Let’s go see David Roth! Sara says he’s wonderful! Let’s go!”

Thanks for supporting a fellow indie artist!
you know who

4 Dallas, TX 7 PM ~ Unity of Dallas ~
5 Beaumont, TX 7 PM ~ Unity of Beaumont ~
6 Austin, TX 7 PM ~ Open Ears Coffeehouse ~
7 Houston, TX 7:30 PM ~ UniTunes Coffeehouse ~
8 Wylie, TX 6 PM ~

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