My friend, Mike McGee: Vote for his art!

FROM MY FRIEND MIKE, who has done a ZILLION kind things for me over the years…
so let’s support him in this endeavor! GoooOOOOooo, Mike!

I’ve submitted some photos to Jones Soda to see if one of them might end up being on one
of their labels. Some of what I submitted is artwork, some actual photographic images.

Here is my “page” (3 total):
If you could, please take the time to go here and vote on a photo or two that might make a good soda label.
You know what I win if my image gets picked? Nothing!
I help advertise a corporation’s wares for free.
So there’s no reason not to do it, right?

One Comment “My friend, Mike McGee: Vote for his art!”

  • hahahaahahahahaha
    Sara is pulling my leg… and maybe yours too! Look for some string tied to your ankle!. That isn’t me, Mike Cogliandro, thatsa Mike McGee!
    However, it HAS got me thinking…. maybe I oughta just submit something… just for fun!

    The (original) Mike Cogliandro… now with pure sugar, NO artificial ingredients! ;o)

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