My new song, “State of Emergency”…and how you can help children with autism…

I wrote a new song, “State of Emergency,” that you can only buy from one place in the world…
just visit my website,, and click on “State of Emergency” at the bottom of
my site. It will take you directly to a site where your purchase of the song will deposit money
into a fund for children with autism.

About two months ago, I received a really sad letter from a couple who asked if I wouldn’t mind
talking about their new book, “I Wish My Kids Had Cancer”, on my site. They sent me a copy of the book
to read, and when I finished reading it, all I could think was, “This is insane. I had no idea….” and I called
the family up and offered to write a song for them to have to, hopefully, help raise money and awareness
of their, and hundreds of thousands of other families, plight.

The book is written by Mike, the dad, and shares the gripping, real glimpse of his family’s struggle to survive with
two children with Autism. His book intimately, honestly and powerfully addresses the emotional, social, financial,
political and medical aspects of this family fighting for their very existence.

When you visit the site, you can purchase the book for $20. My song is $1. All of the money goes to the foundation
to help families struggling.

I know money is tight these days….but if we can all pitch in on causes that we believe in supporting, it DOES make
a difference.

Thank you,

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  • autism mom


    I like the song and I’m glad for the awareness it brings as I have two kids on the spectrum. You may not know that there is a big divide in the autism community – those who believe vaccines caused their childs autism and those who don’t. Also, from my observations, it appears there are those who accept their children as they are (neurodiversity) and those that fight tooth and nail to “cure” their children. For the record, I lean toward genetics as the cause and I wouldn’t change my kids, but I do want life for them to be easier (and yes, we go to three different types of therapy multiple times a week, are in a developmental preschool with an after hours autism program, go to Kindermusik, social group, and have home therapy three times a week. It’s exhuasting. Yes, for those reading and in the know, we do some bio-med approaches as well).

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