No comments/On becoming a lawyer/Goodwill moments/Graphs and keys

No one comments on my blog
Does this mean no one is reading it?
Who has time to read any one elses when everyone is blogging?
Still…it’s nice to know when someone has stopped by!
If you are stopping by, you will let me know, won’t you?

My oldest daughter has a mock trial tomorrow.
I am the defendent. I allegedly set fire in three different locations in a small
town called Southpoint.
My daughter is the defense attorney.
She’s done a great job with her closing argument.
I almost jumped out of my seat tonight when she was walking,
in circles,
around the dining room table,
impassioned by conviction
that I am an innocent in this twisted turn of events.
I look forward to being on trial tomorrow—
in a REAL COURTHOUSE, mind you!—
and seeing how she does in front of a real jury
and a real judge
(her teacher)
and her peers
(other members of the court).
Good god, I hope she gets me off!
I’d hate to spend imaginary time in a prison
for a make-believe crime!!!!
(Unless Martha Stewart is the head chef
and I get to hang out with Johnny Cash.)

Last night:
We head to Goodwill to purchase lawyer clothing.
A nice blouse, a jacket and skirt, some lawyer like pumps.
A sixth grader transformed into a Harvard grad.
It was that fast.
Except, of course, the argument over the shoes.
The ones Lily had picked (OMG…NO WAY was I getting
the three inch black pumps with a TINY heel
And the shoes I had picked. Which, were, c’mon.
The right ones, right?
“Those are so ugly. There is no way I am wearing those.
Those are hideous. They look like NANA SHOES!”
(Nana, of course, being my most practical mother
who wears the world’s most comfortable, yet,
of course, not always, shall we say, aesthetic shoes…)
We are at the check out counter.
The sales clerk looks like a reasonable young lady.
I say to her,
“Do THESE shoes look like something a lawyer would wear…
or do THESE shoes look like something a lawyer would wear?”
Lily is staring at her.
I am staring at her.
The clerk looks at the shoes.
The clerk looks at us.
She smiles, slyly, and says,
“Well, these are the sorts of shoes Ally McBeal might wear.
But, on the other hand, these seem like the shoes a real
lawyer might wear.”

My shoes went into the bag with the other essentials
and man, oh man, did I hear an earful the entire drive home.

Tonight, iolana was working on her homework…after
telephone interviews with friends about their favorite things
to do after school, she was now in the process of formulating
a very keen chart, complete with a key and lines and
figures and numbers. So, we are at the kitchen table discussing
how she can best represent all these things (came down to
colorful markers—ah, aren’t they still the BEST!?) and Lily, circling, a tigress,
repeating her diatribe against the prosecution, now changing voices to
keep herself amused, the phone rings and I jump up to talk to my
dear friend, Julie, but asking her if I may call her back, I’m in the middle
of helping iolana and she says she’s called to tell me someone on
American Idol reminds her of me when I was first starting out.

I had to laugh!

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  • Nobody reads comments –except the censoring moderator! YouTube counts views not viewers, but only actualizes the counter after a period of time -not immediately. So there is headroom to do a little hype by clicking excessively again to your favourite clip. But the very large number of viewings on the Sara Hickman “Mad World”- cover comes from the title. That made people interested to look upon it. Would be more than fair to put some more Hickman-clips as video answers to it in there, to give offence to more Hickman-stuff (says my commercial conscience). By the way: it is a really good cover of this “Tears For Fears”-classic in my opinion. This sounds to me like a calm, melancholic, a bit “philosophical” interpretation. The gliding, instrumental part intensifies this impression. The “Gary Jules”-Version sounds to me like the selfpity-version with his whining voice. And the “TFF” is the young, bored and angry “teenager”-version. The funny thing is: you can hear them all in a row without getting bored –by repetitioning the same song.

  • Hi Sara! No comments, no readers? Let’s just face it the matter-of-fact way and take a look at YouTube, where you can see the numbers of viewers and comments to the respective videos. For your version of the song “Mad World” you have actually 290 000 viewers (they seem really to count viewers, not views –tested it by repetition!). How much comments are on this song? Just 740! OK, you have to get registered at YouTube to give a comment and there might be more readers on your YouTube-sites. But nevertheless it shows a bit the relations of passive towards active communication. If you wish to involve your readers more in your reflections of private, social and political statements: maybe it might help to suggest it more, directly or indirectly. Mouse T – the new pet on the blog

  • Devin


    The beauty of RSS feeds on blogs is, you’re always in my reading list. The downside is, folks don’t always click through to comment, just move on. Point is, yes, we’re still here and still reading. Doubt that’ll change. Much love (as always).

  • andy-dog


    you know I read your blog regularly. See? I’m not the only one either, fortunately.

  • Hello Sara,

    Yes, at least I read your blog faithfully. You never fail to brighten my day or make me think.
    Please keep it up.

    Your pal,
    Jim Rossman in Dallas

  • kc


    I’m still reading. And I’m happy to report that my people are still reading cause you are linked on my blog.
    So how ’bout that?

  • I read your blog, Sara. Love it.

    Good luck at the trial We need you out here in the free world.

  • I read your blog and I love it, Sara. Good luck at the trial. We need you out here in the free world.

  • kathy


    I read your blog ALL THE TIME! And I often share tidbits with friends. Thanks for sharing!

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