NPR called today!

NPR called our office today. They are doing a story on children and how they are affected by commercials. It seems a little girl was interviewed, and she told the host that she loves the Daisy Sour Cream ad so much, she made her mother buy it for her! So, they wanted me to send them a copy of me singing the song, but I had to send them to Tequila Mockingbird, where we recorded it, to get a copy.

I don’t know when they will air the piece, so if you listen to NPR, maybe you’ll catch it.

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  • Katie


    Sara- I live in Michigan. My Aunt Karen is here visiting. We just saw the Daisy Sour Cream commercial on TV. Aunt Karen wasn’t sure- but she thought you were singing on the commercial. I showed her how to get on your website to find out. I really lije your songs. Love, Katie Bick

  • BigJimSTL


    Sara! Holly and I have been wanting to see that commercial again…’do a little dollop of daisy’ smile

    And I guess there’s no chance you’d add that to the list of songs to do in your next ‘just-my-guitar-and-me’ CD, hmm? Just as a closeout like the ‘Little Blue Man’ song?

    Sending our love from STL!

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