One of My Best Friends, Marty…Read About This!

Hey Y’all!

Many of you know my dear friend, Marty Lester, from our years of working together in the studio. Here’s an update
from his girlfriend, April, on a project he just completed. If you are in Austin, please tune in Thursday night to watch
the show!



Marty has been extremely busy over the last few months. One of the projects he was working on was a film, “Tattooed Under Fire”.

Marty spent countless late nights at the studio enhancing the sound quality of a film that was produced in a tattoo parlor.
This means removing the sound of multiple tattoo guns from the film in order to hear the deeply emotional conversation.
I don’t know the ends and outs of audio mixing, but I can imagine the challenge.

“Tattooed Under Fire,” will air on KLRU on this Thursday, October 30th at 9pm. Please feel free to watch it then or DVR it for later.
I think you will find it incredibly moving.

“Tattooed Under Fire” is a film set in Fort Hood, Killeen, at the River City Tattoo Parlor. In this tattoo parlor,
many of the war-bound and returning soldiers go under the needle, share their secrets and confess their deepest fears.
The film looks at the unconventional work of tattoo art as an affirmation of personal identity while weighing the human
and cultural cost of a futile war.


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  • Gene


    Marty is a freakin’ aural genius. Is there any audio miracle he can’t perform?

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