Orange Juice, Southlake, Fathers Day

Orange juice with pulp, orange juice with calcium, orange juice concentrated, orange juice un-concentrated but with Vitamin C and NO pulp…or orange juice with bananas and pineapple, or orange juice with carrot juice, or orange juice in little bottles with pulp and calcium and Vitamin C or orange juice in a paper box with a plastic pull tab that has original pulp. You can even get orange juice with EXTRA pulp.

Alright, people, this is ridiculous. Choice is good, but trying to serve the desires of every single U.S. citizen is out of control.
Remember when you used to go to the store to get bread, eggs, milk and juice? You’d walk in and get those items and be on your way. Now, I have to book time with a travel agent just to spend a week on the orange juice aisle figuring out which one will be healthiest for my kids. Sometimes I throw my hands up in the air and walk over to the REAL ORANGES and buy those.
Then we have a big squeezarama and make our own damn juice! And I can tell you: there is no added sugar, calcium, sucrose,
sodium or pulp. It is what it is: sticky and sweet.

I played in Denton at the Campus Theatre on Saturday…good to be back in my old alma mater. The theatre is a deco style
haunt with beautiful curved walls and restored carpeting (excellent replica of old style, by the way.) Sadly, it was a benefit and not a lot of folks showed up, and the sound wasn’t working at first, so I sat on the edge of the stage and sang with just my guitar.
The room was so warm and boomy, I don’t think I needed a mic at all….I just pretended I was on Broadway and used my diaphragm! I’d like to thank the family that drove two hours from Oklahoma to come and see the show…what a sweet family!
Thank you for coming.

As I was leaving Denton, I wandered into Dillards to get a wedding gift for some friends registered there….then decided to spice up Lance’s wardrobe…so had fun picking out some Father’s Day gifts for him…..

Then I drove over to Southlake, near Bedford, TX, and played an outdoor show….maybe about 450 people, seated in lawn chairs
in front of a new style square with little shops and a fountain…It was funtastic! Kids running and jumping around everywhere,
Dancing Paul came up and held the cards on “iolana”, the sun going down, so not too hot (if you live in Texas, you know about your brain frying around noon…) Afterwards, got to say hi to so many good folks….and went to have dinner around 9 pm with Andy and Sara….so, a good weekend, all in all.

Drove home Sunday morning after spending a solid hour and a half working on my creativity workshop for the Crossings….
Got to Georgetown to spend time with Lance, the girls and Lance’s sister (Cindy) and parents….we celebrated at the rehab center where Lance’s dad is recuperating from all his surgeries. Lots of “Go Fish” card games, and we walked Megan, Cindy’s dog, up and down the hallways….well, actually, the girls ran Megan up and down the hallways! We had homemade peach pie, courtesy of Lance’s mom, and watermelon and opened gifts and read some silly poems out loud. It was a nice afternoon.

We drove home, and Lily started a secret club…so we all signed up and got new club names (mine was “Verde”, since I like green). Part of the club was to make DESSERTS, so we ended up making a bowl of melted chocolate and Lily put beautiful, colored toothpicks around the bowl with pieces of cut fruit and we had a fondue party. After that, we were stacking dominoes in snake-like patterns and ringing a bell to signify, “PUSH THE FIRST DOMINO!” and watched/listened to them clickety-clack
down the row. Last, we challenged ourselves before bath time by building a marble run. The cry of the evening was, “We need more support! Hurry!” because those things are an engineers dream! You have to add blocks at certain places or the whole thing collapses, and then marbles are running everywhere except where they were suppposed to run.

Happy Father’s Day, all!

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