I was just informed that a young lady I walked with down the runway at a cancer event for children has passed away. She was 18 years old. Because of my music, I get to meet many people, sometimes only briefly. But some people stick with your heart, your memory. This is a person who had a lot of depth, a lot to offer the world. Here is my quiet attempt to say “goodbye”.

A Poem For Orpha

Just like her name
She was unique
She kept a smile close to her chest
And like most children struggling
With what they cannot understand:
She did her best.

Quietly smiling
Smart as a whip
We walked together
Letting secrets slip
Knowing this was all that
Just might be
She stood tall next to me

The faces seated down below
Gazed upwards as the time came
For her to walk down the runway
Following the sound of her name, then
Sensing who knows where or when
She knew none of us can really
Know our end

She stood with grace
And bowed to no one
Courageous to the core
And though some may think
That she has left us
She is even stronger than before


2 Comments on “Orpha”

  • Greg


    Blessings on her and hers and on all that you do for others Sara. Peace be with you.

  • Shawna


    What a great poem to remember Orpha by. Kids show so much courage in the face of adversity. We could all learn from them. God bless her family.

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