PICNIC ON MONDAY after Dallas Arb. show

Hey, all!

Yes, we are still going to have a Super Pal Picnic after the children’s show at the Dallas Arboretum on Monday, 5/28.

Please bring blankets and food and let’s sit and chat and chew and enjoy the beauty of the flowers, the day, each other.

Looking forward to it, and thanks for coming out!

Even thought I think war is never the answer, God bless the troops serving, and all those valiant men and women who have served over the years. And God bless all the civilians who have been caught up in the midst of any war…make they find relief, shelter, food and an END to all hostilities and brutalities.

I have a giant bumper sticker that I got 17 years ago from an anti-death penalty rally that reads: “Millions to kill, pennies to heal.”
I have never put it on my car, but I think the time to finally do so is now, with all the worldwide suffering going on. The message applies on so many levels.


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