Please vote for AFTERMATH, my friend, Livvy’s, band!

Ok, y’all…Many of you helped vote for our good friend, Robin Macy, when she was in the running for
the $25, 000 award to help fix up her arboretum…..which she won! So thank you a thousand times
and a zillion cupcakes of love for that support…Now, I’m coming to you to ask you to help Livvy (who
plays bass and sings in Super Pal Universe) with her other band, AFTERMATH, to gain more exposure by
winning the Texas School Jam contest.

Livvy’s band AfterMath was great enough to be picked as one of the semi-finalists! The deal is this: the top six bands
with the most votes goes to the finals. If they make the finals and win, then they will be going to Germany to perform on MTV!!!
And Livvy’s school music program would get a terrific grant.

So please vote! Registration is simple and quick (your name and your email) and then follow instructions below:


GO TO PAGE 4: Look for “AfterMath” , select their star rating and push the vote button for them.
You can vote once a day for one band.
Voting continues until Jan. 31st and each time you vote you are entered for prizes. You can vote everyday!
I’m going to vote once a day!
The band would really love that and it increase your chances to win a prize).
So please vote early and vote often!! wink

And please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.

Thank you for taking the time to read this email and for supporting kids’ music as wonderful as my friend,


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