Drive, She Said

Freed from production, business issues, Sara Hickman fully focused on music on new disc ‘Shine’

Montrose Press | By Mike Easterling, Managing Director | June 27, 2013

Sara Hickman is not a bus driver. But make no mistake about it — for the past several years, she’s become accustomed to being behind the wheel for nearly every aspect of her music career, including songwriting, performing, producing and marketing.

So it’s perhaps a little surprising to hear her respond so emphatically in the negative when she was asked whether it was difficult for her to relinquish much of that control on her new release, “Shine,” due out July 23 on Kirtland Records. Touring in support of the new release, Hickman performs Wednesday night at the Wright Opera House in Ouray.

“I didn’t care,” she said flatly during a phone interview from her native Texas. “I don’t mean that in a laissez-faire manner. But it’s a level of trust. When you’ve been a working musician as long as I have, and you’ve been out on the road since the ‘90s — most of that time alone, either on stage or in a car — when people are on stage with you, it’s magic. Some people get more protective of that as they get older and want more and more control, but when I started out as a kid, it was just about having fun. Then, I got signed to a major label and realized I didn’t have any control at all, and that kind of dashed my dreams. It was kind of a shock for me. I thought being on a major label was like (being in) a family, and it wasn’t that way at all.”

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