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"When I see Sara Hickman I immediately think of compassion! Every year at the homeless memorial service on Town Lake in Austin she is there singing. Sara Hickman’s voice is a window into the true meaning of ‘Love thy Neighbor.’"
– Alan Graham, Mobile Loaves and Fishes founder and president

“Looking for a stellar opportunity to catch one of the reigning queens of singer-songwriters and a handful of the best buzz acts? Sara Hickman headlines this annual bash, with Suzanna Choffel, Abi Tapia, the Ginn Sisters, and Amy Cook. What’s so special about them? Each performer released excellent recordings in the last year, making this the perfect opportunity to enjoy their music in Austin’s premier listening room.”
– Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

"…Sara Hickman, one of the most gifted singer/songwriters playing today."
– Tower Records

"Her swooping, breathy vocals and unpredictable melodies make an adventure out of her fairy-tale folk rock."
– Entertainment Weekly

"…Hickman is a singing poet…while her songs are often peaceful and gentle, she comes equipped with sharp edges, an eagle eye and a unique ability to work a house with stories, quips and dedications…she sings and talks directly to audience members, much like the sharpest of comedians."
– Jim Beal, San Antonio Express-News

"No question that Newborn is utterly adorable, but what’s remarkable is how it avoids being too precious. Sara Hickman deftly sidesteps cutesiness by creating an album of lullabies and singalongs for parents to join in on rather than simple songs for babies…it’s hard not to be enchanted by Sara Hickman’s lovely voice."
– Margaret Moser, Austin Chronicle

"…Newborn…it’s stunning, the sound of a woman whose voice (so deep and lonesome at times, so high and ebullient at others) could convert any cynic."
– Robert Wilonsky,

"At her most lyrical best, she is playful and insightful at turns. And always, Sara Hickman is inspirational."
– Mark E. Gallo,

"Not many singers can sound like Peggy Lee and Debbie Harry in the same song – – and make it seem like the most natural thing in the world."
– Austin Chronicle

"The singer herself is in fine fettle… Hickman lets her pliable voice slip the leash in song after song to indulge in almost jazz-like leaps of phrasing and range."
– Austin American Statesman

"Balancing pop hook-craft with heartfelt emotions and brilliant musicianship, Ms. Hickman chooses to celebrate life rather than muddle in melancoholy."
"Her voice remains like a force of Nature."
– The Dallas Morning News

" out her albums and club shows for her melodic sense, excellent guitar playing, rich voice and mix of sunny optimism with heartache…"
"…Capturing Hickman’s magic on compact disc must be about as hard as catching moonbeams in a jar…"
"..delicate guitar playing and Hickman’s voice, as clear and beautiful as any…Lyrically, Hickman is as clever and insightful as a roomful of ordinary singer-songwriters."
– Eric Fidler, Associated Press

"With a warm heart and insightful words… her uplifting perspectives have the power to "heal," creating images of both the negative and positive sides to the human condition…
– Lana Fanelli, Rolling Stone

"Hickman’s translucent voice is matched with a Texas songwriter’s view of life that is starling in its clarity… swaying melodies and catchy choruses… lovely."
– Billboard

"Sara Hickman proved a sparkler…a gorgeous, clear voice and strumming her guitar so rhythmically that at times it seemed there must be an unseen accompanist.."
– Eric Fidler, Chicago Tribune

"Sara Hickman possesses a sparkling voice that expressively moves from pensive to giddy to sensual, and her words and music tap into emotions we all share."
– Discovery Records

"Tuneful, clever and carefully observed, Sara Hickman’s material has all the strengths expected of a contemporary Texas songwriter, plus one more — whimsy…
– J.D.C. , Rolling Stone

"… a strong, pure voice and a way with an acoustic guitar, Ms. Hickman was at once passionate and whimsical delivering her folk-pop tunes. And, man, can she play the guitar."
– Marlo Tarradell, Dallas Morning News

"Cut to the chase—Sara Hickman. Genius. Not only is she a singer-songwriter par excellence, but she possesses a self-confidence and empowerment unheard of for a creative artist in this industry… "
– The Maverick Report

"Her new style has Hickman looking years younger and a few years modder than Juliana Hatfield, with a maturity that lets her skip the cynicism that pervades the coffeehouses of today."
– New York Free Press

"Sara Hickman is a singer/songwriter on the verge, gifted with a strong sense of melody and also humor… Hickman was utterly charming, sharing stories between songs, then strumming, plucking and occasionally taking rocker swipes at her acoustic guitars, her rich husky voice reaching quivering highs and dipping for rumbling mid-range in a blend of folk and jazz colorings.
– Darryl Morden, Hollywood Reporter

"Opener Sara Hickman’s music was strangely uplifting. Combining the guitar work of Michael Hedges with the vocals of a studied madrigal singer and the pure imaginative energy of a child, Hickman evoked a maelstrom of sounds and emotional images from six strings and one voice… "
– Brett Ratner, Nashville, TN

"Hickman made the most of her time, proving to be a deft uptempo guitarist and showing a jazz-pop, positive-message flair in "The Best of Times"
– The Boston Globe, Steve Morse

"Either Sara Hickman is one of the nicest people in the entertainment industry or she’s a fabrication of our imagination. Mother Teresa come back looking like Grace Kelly with the voice of Rickie Lee Jones… I’ve met Ms. Hickman before and I can attest to her realness…"
– Charles Cross, Editor of the Seattle Rocket

"A very pregnant Sara Hickman took the stage and proceeded to grab the crowd and not let go for a full fifty minutes… The adoring crowd was rewarded with a rocking encore of "500X (The Train Song)" that left most visiting amateur songwriters with a seemingly unattainable target and example of songwriting, singing and guitar playing talent and accomplishment to aspire to…. "
– Ranked #4 on Mike Snider’s Top Ten Shows of 1996, Kerrville Folk Festival

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