Roger (Sara’s Brain): Back in Action, Right Here!

Roger’s back with plenty to say: Sara’s brain in conversation with Sara

Roger: Ok, so, tell us about today?

Sara: Alright, I will! There’s a show at Waterloo to celebrate “The Best of Times”, and Patrice Pike and Elizabeth Wills will be singing live. I’m hoping we’ll sell a bunch of cds to help Theatre Action Project.

Roger: Hmm. Sounds good. Will I be able to get in?

Sara: Uh…yes..Roger, why are you asking that question?

Roger: Well, you never know. There might just be too many brains for one room to hold.

Sara: Roger, you know as well as I do that there will be brains in every head there, and since I’m going, YOU’LL be going. Don’t be a weenie.

Roger: Say! No need for name calling.

Sara: You knew I was going to call you that thought. You put the thought in my head.

Roger: Oh, sure. Always putting the blame on me. You’re the one that shouldn’t be thinking these things, not me.

Sara: What?

Roger: You heard me. And I didn’t say a thing. Isn’t that neat how it works?

Sara: Roger….

Roger: (sighs) Yes?

Sara: Cut it out! Do not roll your neurons at me! I mean, I appreciate that you can do that, but it puts this incredible pressure behind my eyes.

Roger: I see.

Sara: I know. And, once again, you are being a smarty pants.

Roger: I love how you let me have free reign to get you to call me names.

Sara: Ok, ok. Can we switch subjects now?

Roger: Check. What would you like me to stick in your head that we can talk about…oh wait. There. What do you think about that subject?

Sara: Yes, I would like to go to there. Nice idea!

Roger: You might want to share with everyone else what image I just popped into myself.

Sara: Right…sorry! (Looking at you through your screen, although you can’t see Sara doing this)…Roger just sent me an image of Hawaii. It was very soothing.

Roger: You should allow me to soothe you more often.

Sara: Well, you certainly put me to sleep! (Sara laughs out loud here.)

Roger: I don’t know why you feel the need to resort to “sleep” jokes. So old. You need to come up with something fresh, something genius. I’M the one falling asleep in here!

Sara: Well, you know I’ve always wanted to learn Russian…

Roger: You are too slow to learn such a complicated language.

Sara: I have cds that explain it, break it down, make it easy to learn.

Roger: Look. If I wanted you to learn Russian, I would have let you years ago. Try again.

Sara: Hmm. Well…I didn’t do well at the trapeze Groupon I used. That was pretty terrifying, remember?

Roger: Are you insinuating I have dementia? How could I forget being turned upside down, this way and that? It was nauseating! Please, never try that again.

Sara: Horseback riding! I love that! Let’s go horseback riding!

Roger: It jiggles me.

Sara: No it doesn’t! You helped me ride that last horse like a pro! And that was a VERY big horse!

Roger: I guess we could go horseback riding.

Sara: Where is this conversation going?

Roger: Streaming. Shh. I’m processing.

Sara: How can you be processing and I can’t know about it?

Roger: I’ve put up my force shield.

Sara: You have a force shield and I didn’t know about it?!

Roger: You know when you start to daydream, or fall asleep in the middle of a college course or think you’re being funny but no one’s laughing?

Sara: Yea…

Roger: That’s my force shield. It prevents you from being as smart as me.

Sara: That’s impossible. I’m really…I’m pretty funny, with or without you.

Roger: That’s what YOU think. Trust me, what I think is much more accurate. Plus, you’re not thinking at all when my shield is up; you’re just a blathering idiot.

Sara: Let me get this straight. You’ve told me I can’t call you names, and, yet, here you are calling me a blathering idiot!

Roger: Well, you do tend to go on ad nauseum.

Sara: No, YOU tend to go on ad nauseum. And then I stop you. Get that? I stop YOU, not the other way around. I can’t believe you would think…

Roger: Do you see how long it took you to describe what I already did?

Sara: I think we’re done here.

Roger: Certainly. I put that thought in your head. Once again, I am WAAAAY ahead of you.

Sara: (head on desk, sleeping.)

Roger: See how that works? Ah, the force shield. Such a good trick!


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