Sara’s Body Transformation Info for those asking

David King was my trainer. He came ONCE a week (he usually does twice a week),
and the best part is he comes to your HOME! Food wise, here is what I changed:
Eat six times a day instead of three…I upped my fiber and protein and water intake,
dropped sugar, fats, carbs. SO, a typical day for me is:

Morning snack: Fiber one cereal (1/2 cup)
with Light Silk (Soy milk) (1/4 cup)
5 oz. coffee
1/4 cup of Silk

Breakfast: Myoplex protein bar

Afternoon snack: Apple

Lunch: Salad with tuna (either lightly grilled tuna steak or tuna from a can…
no mayo, no nothin’!) Salad can be tomatoes, carrots, onions, brocolli, lettuce….

Afternoon snack: Protein bar

Dinner: Salad, black beans, salmon

Evening snack: Cup of decaf tea

I try to stick to 1100 calories a day. I am on CALORIE KING.COM and I
suggest you sign up for that as it makes keeping a food diary a breeze,
and it is rather addicting! It counts all the carbs/protein/fats/sugar/salts/etc
for you in everything you eat, and you can create a favorite list so you can
pull from that over and over, instead of having to look it up each time.

As David says, changing your body is 80% food, 20% workout. He was right.
He said I needed to change from the inside out. Then, he worked me out that
once a week for one hour hard…I’d burn 500 calories….sit ups, crunches, push ups,
boxing, and a variety of weights and other exercises. The rest of the week was up to me.
You can also record your exercise on Cal.King, too.

I wish you much love and joy in 2010, and you can transform yourself, too.
I have great faith and will keep you in my prayers, if you’d like….Just
let me know!

ALSO: I WILL post my New Year’s resolutions…just haven’t done it, yet! smile

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