She’s been found!!!

Zenobia Bechtol has been found!!!!!!!!

She is being returned home to her parents!

No other info is available other than that.

Thanks to all for the reposting of bulletins and spreading the word! We all appreciate it!

Janine de Luna-Azul
friend of Phyllis Masters, and Bob Bechtol, Zenobia’s parents

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  • I do not participate in this forum normally, but it has come to my attention that certain subjects were discussed regarding my child , and I think it is only fair that I be able to respond. Since I am unfamiliar with this site, I am going to post this here and let you decide what to do with it.
    I would like to remind everyone that you are speaking about a 14 year old child. If anyone has anything negative they would like to say about my daughter, I kindly invite you to address said comments to me, Zeni’s mother, directly instead of gossiping like a bunch of children yourselves It doesn’t matter what the truth is, she is a 14 year old child and you, and whatever man was stupid and deviant enough to get involved in this to begin with, are adults. If a single solitary grown man had any kind of inappropriate contact with my child, he will be held accountable. Period. I don’t think that is unreasonable for me to ask for that. Do I really have to point out that if she was lying, she is obviously unstable and needs help from the adults in her village? Do I really have to remind you that little girls can not consent to sex with grown ups? If there has been contact, I will expect him to be prosecuted and for my community to stand behind me in this.
    I am so glad Ms. Hickman saw her. We have no idea what she was thinking and feeling or what her motivations may have been. But it means that during that scant few minutes, she was not alone with a grown man. It means that a good person spoke to her and cared. Thank you, and consider yourself hugged.
    Can y’all understand why I have to say all of this?
    Thank you to everyone that posted information about her and assisted in trying to get her back. I am forever in your debt. I spent that Wednesday night thinking that my baby girl may be dead, or having terrible things happen to her, and there was nothing I could do about it. I think I may have had five years shaved off of my life from worry that night.
    The only thing that should matter to anyone is that in this case, we didn’t lose an innocent child to a predator. I can handle any mental health issue she has, as long as she is alive, you know?

  • Ms. Hickman:

    I am grateful, as is everyone, that Zeni is home safe.

    However — and I know this issue has strong opinions and flared tempers on all sides, so I’m going to try to say this in as neutral a way as I can — from the information that I have been given, Zeni’s claim to the police is that she was held hostage from the time she disappeared up almost until she was found at a restaurant. This would seem to contradict your account.

    I just hope that in the interest of justice that, in the event that people are arrested and charged with holding her hostage and other crimes, you will share your story as a witness at the trial.

    Steven Brown

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