Sitting in A Towel

I am in lovely San Jose, sitting in a towel, outside on a secluded patio, deciding to catch up on the doings of a musician on the road.

Friday….flew out to San Jose, and was given a bonus treat: got to fly part way with one of my best friends’ dads! Doak is an avid softball player, and was on his way to a tournament, so we shared a chuckle and his iPod playlist. We talked about the kids (his grandchildren, my daughters) and grimaced over some of the newspaper headlines. He was delighted when I was able to share my free Southwest drink coupons, too! Finally! Someone uses the coupons I’ve been carrying in my backpack all these years!

Gene picked me up at the airport and we came home to his house for a quick lunch, then headed on to San Mateo, where I hooked up with dear Kathy T. and her adorable daughter, Amelia. We met at B Street, a music store, to rent the P.A. for the first two gigs of the weekend. Packed up, after some delicious ice cream down the street, Kathy, Amelia and I headed on to Moraga, California, where I was to perform the next a.m. and p.m.

We arrived at the home of David and Shari (Shar-ee), who own a vineyard that scales up the side of a gianormous hill behind their lovely, Martha Vineyard’sesque home. Gracious hosts, I was treated to an afternoon of fun with Ali, their youngest daughter, and Amelia (both 4.) I told stories and we sang songs over homemade cheese enchiladas I made…which looked very appetizing until Ali shared the culinary twist of adding vanilla yogurt on top. But, she ate it all, lickety split! I went to bed around 9 (11 pm Texas time, mind you), cuz I knew it would be another early morning next day.

Got up around 6:30 am, lay in bed, watching the fog roll in over the carefully manicured yard and gardens, breathing in, quietly enjoying the stillness.

Finally took a shower, and had a cereal bar, popped in the car with Kathy and Amelia and headed to the first gig, a 5K run for the children of Zimbabwe. There is a foundation that helps raise pediatric monies and builds schools. I will post more on it later.

The morning was GORGEOUS. California sunshine and hills of yellow flowers and green trees. Everyone was running around a track and then up in the hills while I sang all the upbeat songs I know…It was a fun way to celebrate people doing good in this world…Me singing to keep them engaged in their footrun. Then, Dan, the head of the foundation, got up to speak, and we heard about the amazing things that are happening….that was very moving….Then, families came over and sat in the happy sun, having picnics, while I sang kids songs. I even got a green popsicle and many hugs!

After we had packed up all the equipment, Kathy, her very nice husband, David, Amelia and Ali and I went to have lunch in an Italian restaurant.
I was feeling a little weary, but not much.

We got back to the vineyard, and everything was started to be in full swing…catering was working hard to get cheese, olive and bread trays ready with a variety of oils from around the world…Cleaning and vaccumming and re-setting up of the P.A. I took a short nap. By then, Gene had arrived and was helping, too. This event centered around Parkmon Wines, their 5th anniversary of being in business. I actually sampled the wines (not a drink I hardly ever have…just don’t like wine, beer, etc)…I liked the rose, although dry and not sweet, and the Vegnion (I do not think I am spelling that right…oops…a white wine) It was exciting to see how folks can build a business out of their garage and backyard!

Folks started arriving around 4ish, and Gene, David (Kathy’s husband, not the owner of the vineyard) and I went downstairs so I could warm up…As the two were listening to me, I laughed and referred to it as an R & B, instead of a B & B…ha ha! Wouldn’t that be cool? To go relax at a B & B, and have live musicians sing you to sleep, or sing to you over breakfast! Get it? The R & B! Ha ha ha. I can’t hear you laughing, but I’ll just pretend you think it’s clever!

So, the gig was fun. Again, another picnic oriented vibe….only all adults, so I could be a little rowdier. People drinking and buying wine, tasting foods and laughing, me singing and frolicking behind the mic. Lovely night! I felt like I was in some mythical Greek landscape, what with the rolling hills, the grape vines, the multi-colored gardens and reds, oranges, and dust colored rocks of garden walls winding up into the tops of the hill.
David (the vineyard owner) popped out with his harmonica, and we did “Stupid Love” and “Honky Tonk Woman”.

Gene kindly drove us back to San Jose after all was said and done, and we got home, gosh, I don’t know when. It was very late. We had to get up early Sunday morning to drive another 1 hour and 20 minutes so I could perform live on KPIG around 10:30 am. Love those guys! John is the DJ, and we were cracking each other up. I sang “Everything’s Red” (for rock-n-roll), then talked about the new song, “The One”, and sang from the perspective/voice of the mother of the young man who murdered the students/teachers at Virginia Tech, and then closed with “Too Fast”. It was AWESOME because people were emailing in and John read a couple of the email responses on the air! I was so happy to know people were responding…

Gene and I drove on to Monterey, where we were blessed to be guests of the Cannery Row Monterey Bay Aquarium….historical and wonderful place….I can’t wait to bring the family to see this aquarium. By far, the best I’ve ever been to….We stopped for some Thai food for lunch…
ah! Tom Yom Kha soup…who can beat that?! And Pad Thai, of course.

Ok, I will write about the Treehouse Concert later…we are off to the next gig for tonight…Don Quixote’s….hope all is well in your world.
Keep believing and spreading good love, and I’ll do the same.

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