Slavery—-More to know about our past so we can continue to figure out our present

I am not surprised by this disclosure (click on the link below) sent over by my friend, Mike Levy. There is slavery in existence all over the world today, including right here in Austin, TX. Hidden from sight, people forced, neglected, betrayed, chained and abused into creating STUFF for us out here in the sunlight, out here in freedom, to consume as we please.

People just don’t want to know about it. People just don’t give a damn. People just want their items to buy and food to eat and clothes to wear, and I can only pray that those of us speaking out about injustice somehow, somewhere, at some time soon, strike a chord that wakes people up from their indifference.

The fact that there are people documenting these severe and grotesque injustices towards fellow human beings gives me hope that the truth of such actions will never be forgotten, but available to all who are ready to change the world and save those among us who are being oppressed.

Please take a moment and read the article and witness the photographs. It won’t take long, but it is yet another historical lesson in the brutalities of what has happened, and still happens in many ways, here in America.

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