Spread the Word: It’s all about FRAMILY

Ok, you know how you have some friends that you love so much, so very much, that they seem like they are family? And you have some family members that are your BEST FRIEND ever!? Well, I’ve come up with a new word for that:


For example, when I go on Ellen’s show (the power of positive thinking at work here), a likely exchange might be:

Ellen: So, Sara, tell us what your music is about?

Sara: You know, Ellen, that ‘s an excellent question. I’ve thought about that over the years, and I’ve come to discover my music is about framily.

Ellen: You mean…”family”…don’t you?

Sara: I’m sure it sounds like I’ve had a little too much glub-glub-glub (raises imaginary bottle to her mouth)

(Audience laughs…Ellen nods with a smile)

Sara continues: But…I realized, my friends are like family, my family are my friends. And that’s what my songs are to me: they are like my children. I give birth to them, I take them everywhere I go, I share them, proudly, with other people. So, all in all, my life and songs are about these two groups, so I married “friends” and “family” and came up with “framily!”

Ellen: I love it! I want a tee shirt!

Sara: That rocks! Look! I have one for you…right here!

Out comes a group of folks, all wearing tee shirts with single letters that add up to spell F-R-A-M-I-L-Y and they hand Ellen a box.
She opens it to reveal a shirt that says WE ARE FRAMILY.

(Audience goes wild. Ellen pops it on over her head, music begins, everyone dances to “We are Family” and after the show we all head out to go bowling. The End.)

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