SUPER PAL UNIVERSE winners of latest C4C Fundation Grant: Create an enviromental Superhero!

Met with Turk Pipkin and Mike Blair yesterday (Sarah Bird had an ear infection) and we selected THREE amazing pieces for our new grant. Super Pal Universe
will announce the winners in the next few weeks. All the submissions were created by kids! It was fun putting the DVDs into the player, and seeing what
had been submitted. Some was very basic, some was very complex. Some were silly, some were sweet, some were downright hilarious. But they all talked about
what “super heroes” can do to make the world a cleaner, healthier place.

The winner is INCREDIBLE. I can’t tell you about specifics yet because it will give away who the winner is…and I think we will have two
others for 2nd and 3rd place because there were so many submissions this time, but here is some of what we

Two Green screened pieces by a 10 year old (?) and his 8 (?) year old brother each in which they become a super heroes. Pretty ding-dang funny
and they included a lot of vital info about carbon dioxide and recycling…

A CLAYMATION piece about a guy (looking very Mr. Bill) who doesn’t recycle, and what happens because of his choice. Really well thought out, funny and a great example of what a kid with time on his hands can create!

An entire class nominating their teacher for his super heroic efforts to clean up a giant mess behind their school and how they all turned it into a community sanctuary for animals, plants and
children. It is now attracting endangered species, and the kids give other kids tours!

One high school submitted SIX different films by teens!

A six year old boy wrote a song about how he could change the world by not littering.

We had several comic book submissions. One was heavily influenced by a manga style, and really beautifully drawn. A mom asked that her daughter have her submission returned because she hadn’t finished coloring it in yet. That was pretty cute!

Our first submission from out of state—all the way from California!

Thanks to EVERYONE who sent in submissions. It was an honor to see all your hard work and creativity!

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