Supper Club

Ok, the folks in the Yahoo Chat room have been talking about how we could have suppers before performances…So these are some names I batted around with them:

1) How about “SUPER SUPPERS with SARA”?

2)…Or just “SUPER SUPPERS”? followed by song


4)…Or JOIN THE SUPER PAL UNIVERSE and become a member of the SuperPal Supperclub.. .and you can find out where the next Super Supper will be!
Ha ha ha …this is so much fun! Wouldn’t it be hilarious if everything served had to start with an “s”? SALAD! SATAY! STEAK! SOUP! SPAGHETTI!
and… SCHNAPPS! Ha ha ha!!!

Say………….What is a dessert that starts with “s”? Shakes? Sorbet? Strawberries?

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