Talking With Magda

There are rays of light in this world. People who shine no matter where they are in their life.

People who can find the brightest star in the darkest of nights and point it out to everyone, everyone else around them who may be floundering in what to say or do or how to be when things are rough, confusing or overwhelming. People who are in the process of life change, who are losing their capacity to use their bodies in the most ordinary of ways…and, yet, they still don’t lose sight of that star.

Magda is one of those amazing people. Someone who carries a smile in her voice, someone who understands what your heart wants to speak when you can’t find the words. Her cheer is abundant and radiant.

I just got off the phone with Magda, and I just wanted to say that if anyone reading this wants to send me a card for Magda, to brighten her day just because it would, I promise to package it carefully among other gifts I will be sending her, and I know that it would bring such joy to her.

Send your cards/letters/thoughts to:

Magda Lynn
c/o Sara Hickman
3005 S. Lamar D-109 #412
Austin, TX 78704

And, Magda, bless you. I love you. Thank you.

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