Texas Department of Regulatory and Protective Services

Today is the day!
Today is the day.

I am thrilled and deeply honored to be speaking today. I am going to take myself into the women’s room when I get to the site of the convention, and I am going to stand in a stall, and be very, very quiet, and get very centered. And, then, after a prayer for confidence and clarity, I am going to smile VERY BIG (not too hard if you’ve seen my giant mouth!) and I am going to be grateful for all of the blessings in my life…including you, the person reading this entry right now!…and I am gonna walk out there and LOVE THAT AUDIENCE with all my heart and soul!

When the entire program is complete…the very last moment, I will share a candle with the room…and have everyone light their very own candle that I have placed on their tables…and I will bring down the lights…and I will remind each of these social workers that they are a light in the darkness…that they bring hope to each of these neglected and abused children…and then we are all going to sing Chuck Brodsky’s “We Are Each Others’ Angels”…and then…after we have all
been lifted by the beauty of this human connection…as they leave the conference room, I will be standing outside with a hug… and a blue, aluminum Necessary Angel bracelet for every single person that walks out that door…I want them to leave with a tangible reminder that they are angels in this world. I want them
to leave today knowing that they are AWESOME.

Thank you all for inspiring me to give. I hope today you are reminded by the friends, co-workers, family in your world that you are important to them…and call or write the ones you love, just to take that moment, and connect. It means so much and takes so little for us to say “I love you.”


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