The End of the Cycle

Mastering began today for MOTHERLODE. It will be a two day process because of the amount of songs.

So ends the cycle of another creative outburst, and soon it will be pressed onto shiny discs and out of my brain, out of my heart, out of my mouth, out of my hands. Out into the world, out into your ears, out on the radio, out on a tour, out in the sky and the rain and the bars and the days and so another cycle will begin. When that cycle is complete, it will be time to nest, again, and the flow will begin its process of rejuvenation and ideas will fester and grow and pop into, yet, more songs and poems and paintings.

And the physical side matches the spiritual side. There is a fear that the ebb and flow will cease. And so the body must release the fear and have faith. And the faith releases belief in oneself, and the physical side can then begin to churn away, the brain mustering the courage and fearlessness one needs to be an artist….wait… I don’t even know if it is really courage; more of a helplessness, really, a sort of getting out of the way and letting the process take over. A channeling. And when the spirit and the physical are in sync, nothing is impossible. The channeling is a sweet giggle, a tickle, a full throttle guffaw, barreling out of one’s brain and heart and sweat and tears and hopping around like a crazy person is not unheard of. The release is exhilirating!
The release brings the blues, too, after all has been said and done….And, there you have it. Another cycle of start to finish, breathing and sighing, laughing and crying, back and forth, up and down, in and out, over and yonder, moving and being still.
Listening. Reacting. Stretching. Erasing. Keeping. Crumpling up, throwing away, re-recording over and over til just one note seems perfect. Give me a blank canvas anyday. Give me a blank mind. I want to pull every little nuance from within; it is there, waiting to be discovered and enjoyed.

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  • andy-dog


    There you have it, folks. Sara channels Julia Cameron; The Artist’s Way in one paragraph!!

    Sara’s music is a treasure we can never lose…
    She’s far too busy to have to deal wit de blues….

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