The Homeless Song/Dumpster Cake


After we left Clifford’s memorial at Antone’s, Lance and I were walking to have dinner when we stopped to talk with a homeless man. He asked us for money for something cold to drink, which we gave him, and then we told him to go on about a block to Antone’s because there was free admission, good music AND cold drinks.

This was a young brother, maybe 28 or so, beautiful, full brown eyes and a kind smile. He was wearing a cap and tee shirt with torn khakis and sneakers. This is what he said when we told him about the service:

“Oh, they won’t let me in. I have to have sleeves.”

Lance and I looked at each other in amazement! What? How could that be? I could just feel Clifford’s heart hurting over that one.
I can only assume they wouldn’t let this young man in because he was homeless…not because of his shirt. Cuz I saw some funky shirts in that club!

Then he says to us, “May I sing you a song I wrote for the money you shared?”

Oh, yes…we said…please do…

And he starts with this smoky tenor, wrapping it around a blues number, the chorus:

I ain’t here no more…I’ve moved on…Yes, I’ve moved on…on my two feet…

And as I watched his face, my eyes filled with tears as he sang this song, a song in my heart that was releasing Cliff into the sky, the universe, the connection of eternal love. I felt like Clifford had sent this message to say, “Yes.” And it was good.


Well…Spike’s wedding is today, and last night I started creating a three layer dumpster shaped wedding cake…I had seen Spike (and her betrothed, Herman) at Continental Club for Kacy and Karl Crowley’s benefit concert, and backstage she was talking about needin’ a cake, and I said, “What do you guys like to do?” and she says, “Well, Herman likes to dumpster dive!” and I think, out loud, “Hey! Howabout a dumpster shaped cake!?” And Spike says, “That’s AWESOME! Can you make it…?”

So, after making the most kick-ass color of dumpster forest green icing, I’m layering the towering torte when it caves in on itself.
I couldn’t believe it. I run to the store at 10:30 at night, and start making more cakes….

This morning, I figured out the architects of making a “hollow” cake, and voila! Today, ready to go, after several hours of intense
preparation, I have a cake of cakes. Complete with a lid, dumpster “junk” and sturdy family to boot….Four miniature versions of Spike, Herman and their two teenagers—Blossom and Henry…all standing by at attention, ready to help in the devouring of the yum.

Last week I made a bridging cake for Brownies/Girl Scouts…I’ll put up photos of both cakes so you can see my attempts at original, edible art!!!

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  • michelle


    I would LOVE to see your Girl Scout cake picture! I’m attempting one myself!

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