The Lyrics/Lucky on CNN!

Lucky was on CNN this morning! And Fox’s national morning program! Woo-hoo! (The CNN video requires Windows Media Player — Mac users, you can view it here.)

And, now, the lyrics to our first mother/daughter collaboration…the cd for the Hill Country Youth Ranch will be out next spring, and it will include this song and another that Lily sings called, “Little Sister”….

Cross Over
words and music by Lily Hickman-Waldon and Sara Hickman

I grew up in Texas

On the wrong side of the tracks

In an empty house full of shadows

Where the days were always black

No bed…no dad…

Nothing good…always bad

Just pain Just fear

Wishing for what the other girls had

But I knew I’d cross over

To the other side

Yea, I’d cross over

To a better life

No more pretending…a happy ending…is meant to be

When I cross over…

The floor was covered in bottles

Of pills and alcohol

And I felt as if….I was never loved at all

You know, I really trusted you

I thought you loved me, too

But I guess it was just more lies

And what the others said was true

They said

You never loved me

And you only loved the drugs

They said I probably wasn’t good enough

But I knew that I’d cross over

To the other side

Yea, I’d cross over

To a better life

No more pretending….a happy ending…is meant to be

I’d crossover….and I’d be free

I can see happiness…waiting…across the way

I’m takin’ on tomorrow

And makin’ it mine today…

You didn’t hear me

The last time I called out

You were layin’ in the hallway

And I knew without a doubt

Feelin’ scared…feelin’ alone

I knew…I had to go

It was now or never or this life together

Was going no where but down

So, I crossed over

To the other side

Yea, I crossed over

To a better life

No more pretending…this is the ending

And how it should be

I crossed over

And we’re both free….

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