The Metalpecker

Lance and I heard this weird scooching noise, like a heavy chair being moved
across our concrete floor.

He went to check it out.
Sitting here at the computer, I heard him say, “It’s coming from the fireplace….”

I shouted from the office, “Maybe it’s a raccoon?”
The next thing I knew, he informed me it was a woodpecker.
He had gone outside and seen a small, red headed woodpecker peckin’ away
at the top of our fireplace vent…


Just another fun day here at the H.S. household!

Lance says, “It’s flown away, but I saw it, sitting up there…”

Not more than five minutes go by, and we hear it pounding away again…
So we both sneak outside…sure enough, there it is. It’s little beak
trying to gain entrance into a very solid surface.

Lance and I just stood there on the mound of grass behind our house, staring,

“Maybe it’s a young woodpecker?” I mused.

It stopped. I think I must have insulted it because it flew directly over our heads
and hasn’t returned.

I guess, perhaps, we’ve discovered a new species?

One Comment “The Metalpecker”

  • You knew you would hear from me on this – what you have is a horny woodpecker. A male woodpecker attracts females by making the loudest noises and alsowards off other males into his territory by doing this. I have seen them whack away at a street sign for over ten minutes or the aluminum siding on a house. There skulls are fitted with a sort of air pocket to cushion there brains from all the knocking they do.

    He’ll be back until he and his lady hunker down with some babies – and even then he might send out a little reminder to the other boys in the area that this is his territory.

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