The Miracle of Thoughts—-Positive & Negative

I totally believe in this man’s theory. Therefore, before you visit this site, write down how you are feeling on a piece of paper.

After viewing the site, see if you aren’t feeling any different. If you were hopeful and happy before you went, you should be shining and joyous.
If you were sad or full of regret, perhaps now you are feeling hopeful and happy!

And, so, to continue with this thought, here is a prayer for the world:

My Prayer For The World Today

Today I found an old orange dog.
He could not hear, and he was very hungry.
I brought him home with me and gave him food.
I gave him water.
I stroked his fur.
I will give him a bath. He is very dirty.
I can tell he has been missing for some time,
and he is happy to receive attention.
He has no tag, so who can I call?

I will call the world:
Hello, world!
I have your dog!!!
Your dog is here.
And he is safe.
I am calling him “Big Galut”.
He doesn’t respond, but he likes my yard.
If you are missing your dog, please come bring him home.
He is missing you, I know.

This is how I see the world.
We are all looking for love.
We all desire attention.
We all need food and water and care and combing.
We need a backyard to play in.
We need kind hands to hug us and remind us
we matter.

I want to be a woman people can trust
And depend on.
I want to be a woman who shines
With love and
“Yes, you can!”
I want to say,
“I love you!”
To everyone I meet.

Last night I saw a friend.
She was missing her husband.
He is in Germany.
He has a heart condition.
She looked worried.
I threw my arms around her,
“I love you!”, I said.
She was very grateful and laid her
head on my shoulder and said,
“Oh, it has been so long since I have had a hug!”

Hug the people in your home.
Hug the neighbors on your street.
Hug your fellow workers, and your boss, and the strangers on the street.
Time is so short.
Why are we in such a hurry to get to the next
red light?


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