The Stuff that Won’t Stop!!!

I can not believe this. THERE IS MORE STUFF. When will it stop pouring out of my closet???

Tonight, I unearthed:

A) The NECESSARY ANGELS tour book, Jan 25-Feb19, 1995. Blue Sky paper front
in under slick plastic cover. About 29 pages of travel, performance hall, hotel,
management, media stuff. This is a big one–8 1/2″ x 11″.

B) LOTS of SARA HICKMAN Necessary Angel Flats…These were put out by Discovery Records…Nice full color 12″ x 12″ of the Necessary Angel album cover…what an album cover would have looked like if they still made album covers!!! $20 each plus s&h

C) DOMESTIC SCIENCE CLUB Flats…these are the Domestic Science Club cover from the first cd…very pretty…pastels…12″ x 12″…$20 each plus s&h

D) NECESSARY ANGELS New Release Flyers 8 1/2″ x 11″, Full Color Front in miniature of the Necessary Angels poster (“There are miracles…and then there are MIRACLES” with my picture and floating flowers)…back has all the info about the cd, bio, lists musicians and song order, upc codes, etc. $8 each plus $2 s & h

E) APPEARING AT posters from SPIRITUAL APPLIANCES $10 plus $3 s&h…
full color of SA cover

F) APPEARING AT posters from TWO KINDS OF LAUGHTER $10 plus $3 s& h
full color photo of me from inside TKOL booklet

Thanks to everyone who has been writing and supporting my spring cleaning.
God bless you all for helping me continue to make music. Really. I think you should lean into the computer and let me hug you RIGHT NOW. There. How did that feel? Cold and hard? No, no, no! Let’s try again…closer…come on! There!
Did you feel it? Did you feel me hugging you with gratitude? Gee. I hope so.
I hope you did. If not, I’ll make you breakfast in bed tomorrow.

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