The World Is Insane

My dear friend, Liz, has invited Lance and I to have dinner with Hillary Clinton and about 70 friends.
I have all these questions running through my mind about what I want to ask her. Mostly, though, I want to ask her why things are such a huge friggin’ mess and are there any politicians who truly care about people, the economy, the environment, children?

The Texas government just voted to give themselves a 30% raise!!! Meanwhile, they say there is no money for teachers or social services or schools. But they up taxes to give themselves a raise from average $92,000 to $130,000. AAAAAAAGH.

Today I saw a woman in a huge SUV. She had a license plate with the letters “RN”. She was dressed like a RN, talking on a cell phone, totally ignoring her three year old in the front seat with NO SEAT BELT ON. NO CAR SEAT. N-o-t-h-i-n-g. But this woman had HER SEAT BELT ON. I could not believe it. In the back seat, I could see an older man and another child, possibly eight or nine years old.

Well, I pulled up right next to her at the light and started honking my horn. She just kept yakking on the phone and her daughter was bouncing around, front to back, back to the front seat. I started waving my arms, lowered my passenger window, tooting my horn, yelling, “Helloooooo!” Finally, she looked my way, lowered her cell phone away from her mouth, rolled down her window with a look of disgust. I said, “Excuse me, but your daughter needs a car seat. That is really, really dangerous!”

Ha. Do you know what she says? She says, “Yes, I know.” She turns to her daughter and says, “Put on a seat belt…” and rolls up her window, goes right back into her phone conversation, and ignores me.
Her child just kept running around. Nothing happened. I couldn’t believe it. I just couldn’t. The man in the back didn’t do anything. The lady on the phone didn’t do anything. The little girl didn’t do anything. And off they drove. A nurse driving a child to her death. That makes absolutely NO SENSE whatsoever.


I guess it’s good that woman was wearing HER seatbelt so she’ll be able to visit her daughter in ICU and personally deliver her apologies. It would be more prudent for her never to have to speak those words in the first place.

I’m sorry to sound pissed off. I am.

io was in the back seat, safely buckled in, during this encounter. I wonder what she thinks when I do stuff like this.

We were on our way to Chuck E. Cheese where we like to pretend we are firewomen and snuff out fires with these giant hoses on a video game. We have to save the mayor. He always catches on fire, but we always save him.

The good news is that there are people excited about my making more music. People who don’t want me to quit on this world.

I’d like to thank those people right now.

And I’d also like to say that I wrote a new song called “Living in Quiet Desperation.” It’s about a mother who just wakes up to not really understanding who she is, where she is, what she’s doing. Yes, it’s about me because there are days where it (the world) just seems like a huge tsunami. And I am just standing in it’s way, arms outstretched, swimming as fast as I can.

Wait. I take that back. It’s not the world. “IT” is more of my involvement in the world. My involvement with people in the world… it’s listening to kids call me “dude”. It’s hearing about how people treat each other in general. It’s about money and news and fame and lack of time and people in a hurry and the beach being closed and water being tainted and here I go again: listing all these things that are in my brain!

I have to say we never watch the news. Never. Last night, Lance and I decided to watch it. It was preposterous! Really, seriously. The woman reading it was a perky blonde, obviously smart, who was SMILING the whole time she is reading about these horrid stories. And the whole time she is reading, there is this little stream of words a long the bottom…every single item below her face was talking about celebrities. That was it! I pointed it out to Lance, and he read it for a minute and couldn’t believe it either.
It was bizarre!

Doesn’t it seem scary to whoever is reading this that the gap between the normal citizen and politicians/sports figures/celebrities is this HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE growing monetary gap?

PARADE magazine does a yearly “How much do they make?” cover story. They just ran it again.
I was stunned at how ordinary they make it seem that every entertainer they mentioned (famous) was making $10 million or more. Then they list all these “everyday” people who are making $13,850 or $27,000 or $52,000. As if they are being generous by writing this article. What is the purpose of this article? What? Tell me, what is it? Cuz I find it mean spirited and rude and competitive at heart.

It really boggles my mind, as if this blanket has been thrown over our brains and we’re all just, like, “uh… ok!” with it all.

DId anyone read my blog entry a while back about Nicole Kidman…or Gweneth Paltrow or whoever it was…donating all her movie money into a pool to help children…? It’s not real. But why not?


And for those of you that stop me in the hall at school and tell me you read my blog, thank you.
It’s good to know I am connecting with other people who feel like me. It’s good to know the BORG hasn’t completely taken over. Yet.

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