This Final Glow of This Stage

This stage is done! I just gave my final approval on the mastering of MOTHERLODE. All wrapped up, no more tweaking, no more fixing, no more runnin’ around town dropping off CDs or having them messengered to the mastering lab.

I am exhilirated. This cloud under my feet could not be any fluffier or supportive. It is a cloud made of dreams come true!

So, I would like to give thanks, at this moment…..for as of fifteen minutes ago, I listened to both cds, all the way through, and felt
a tremendous sense of accomplishment and gratitude.

Deepest thanks to God for strength and courage and perseverence in a very weird industry. For sending angels every step of the way: from dark and scary nights, lost on the road when a stranger appears by my side to guide me; to the kindness of the audiences and the ones who step up to remind me of what I can never forget. Thank you, God.

My girls, who make me laugh and laugh with their genius and reverie for life, and my incredibly kind, loving and generous husband….our dancing just grows more and more prolific and intriguing and beautiful with every new step. My heart explodes
with happiness for our foursome.

First and foremost, to all the people who came together to help make this recording a reality. Paul and Joan Hudson, Liz and Duff Stewart, Gene Cowan and Judy Wisch. I can not wait for you to hear the end results of this music!!!

Thanks to all the musicians on the record….Brad Evilsizer, Eddy Hobizal, Steve Zirkel, Joe McDermott, Tosca, Phil Parlapiano, Bill Bonk, Kelly Willis, Mitch Watkins, David Grissom, Michael Longoria, Steve Carter, Mary Law, Steve Hopkins, David Batteau (my dear one), John Mills, Jon Blondell, Mark Hallman (bazouki man!), Rich Brotherton, Eddy Collins, Danny Levin, Jimmy La Fave, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, David Sancious, Mark Isham, Robert McIntee, Chip Dolan, Jerry Marotta, Teresa Travis, Paul Hudson, Cat Reynolds, Mark Rubin, Colin Boyd and Courtney Audain. This is off the top of my head, so I’ll go into major thank you’s on the packaging….in fact, I plan on writing a story about each and every person listed here, so you can know more about them individually and about our experience working together.

Thanks to these fine, amazing engineers and co-horts in creating: Marty Lester (my best boyfriend), Mark Hallman (the spirit) and Ned (Ned, I’ll put your last name in the real credits. I’m sleepy and can’t think of your last name at the moment! you are so zen…bless you), Ed Thacker, Phil Parlapiano (you are so friggin’ cool! I can’t wait to see you again) and Courtney Audain (my newest brother who said, “Yes, you can. Go there.” I appreciate you seeing what’s inside me.) I can only say YES,
and bless you for all your hard work and patience in listening to stuff over and over until it’s right.

To Jim Wilson. The mastering engineer. Wow.

To Jim Cocke, who is going to be replicating the cd in mass quanity at Crystal Clear Sound….your brotherhood does not go unnoticed, my friend! I am exciting about what we will be creating!

To Teresa Travis: all your notes and words of encouragement bring such joy to my soul. Thank you for keeping this space
at home organized and for your team spirit. We’re on our way, sister! Thank you for bringing balance to my family time, too.

To Gene Cowan….who stepped in and never asks for anything of me but more stuff to put on my Podcast or more drawings for my newsletters….You are so unselfish. There are no words to what you bring to me and my family. Thank you. I love you.

I also must thank Mike Cogliandro, who worked so hard so many years, and is also incredibly selfless and loving. You have been there since day one with the site, and you are a wonderful designer and excellent friend. Thank you. I love you.

Cat…and Diana….both of you have always been my giving sisters. You paint the way with conviction for me. You remind me never to give up, but to give. Thank you for all your love and support all these years. I love you.

Andy and Andy…thank you for helping me with guitars. It feels good to have new dancing partners after so many years of running the others ragged…They shine and sing and growl on stage. They bring me a new strength and renewed sense of passion.
Andy Ridinger, you’ve been there since I was, what, twelve years old?! You goose, yes, I love you, too.

Takamine…I promise to make you proud. Thank you for my new guitars.

Sarah and Halli….your belief in me is unbelievable. I love our get togethers. I love brainstorming with you. Ellen de Generis, we are coming….with Kirbey Lane pancakes, just for you. And, yes, I promise to be on time! I have to keep enjoying what I create, just so you guys can tell me, “We told you so!”

And, last but not least, to Cartis Design, who has worked so tirelessly, lovingly and spiritually on behalf of this young woman and her guitar(s). Shannon, your approaching me about helping me in the world, and your generousity leaves me breathless. Jason, I love you and your passion for helping me. Josh and Leslie and Chris and Romer and all….let’s rock! Thank you for your belief and enthusiasm.

There are so many others to thank, but I have to stop for now. Don’t feel worried if I left you out….I promise to write about you, too.

There is plenty of time. Time for us to grow in this amazing miracle called LIFE. Time for us to remember what we are trying so hard not to forget!!!

(If you read this far, I love you, too!)

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  • Tom


    I love you Sara!!!I wish you would do some performances here in Arizona.I would love to see you live!!!Maybe you could even sing “I Couldn’t Help Myself”….and “Simply”.Do you have any plans to do a live cd?I am ordering your dvd today!I can’t wait to see it!I hope you read this!
    peace and love to you

  • Jim Baker


    Congratulations Sara and the Motherlode Team!

    Your fans in La La Land greatly appreciate the hard work you all do for our enjoyment.

    I look forward to hearingyour creation,

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