Tin Angel/Start of MOTHERLODE tour!!!

Got up at 5:30 am…Kristin arrived at the house about quarter til, and we waited for the taxi…got to the airport around 6:30 and saw the guys (Gabe, Randy) who checked in our guitars and bags. Went inside and passed through inspection, had some coffee, boarded the plane to Chicago. Switched planes in Chicago, bound for Philly!

In Philly, got the rental car, on the way out showed the papers to the guy in the booth…Nice man from Nigeria, and couldn’t quite understand him when he asked me a question…I said, “Did you ask me….What do I like about Russia?” And he cracked up laughing…Kristin and I laughing, sitting in the car, looking up into his lovely, smiling face. Good way to start the journey! Happiness…

We got to the Tin Angel at 3 pm…locked door, so Kristin and I decided to go see the Liberty Bell and glad we did. Lots of interesting info to read about the history of the bell, including history on Preident John Adams, who never owned a slave, nor did he believe in slavery. Made me proud!

Stopped and had a snack at Rotton Ralph’s (I think that was the name of it) and we played the “Guess What the Waitress’s Name is”….Kristin was guessing Michelle and I was guessing Sheila or Carly. Turned out her name was neither, but Rachel…her middle name was Shayna, so we were right on picking up that “sh” vibe for a name! She thought my name would be KIM! Ha ha. I said, “Like Catrell?”

Got into the club after that and hung out in the green room, reading the signed walls of drawings and autographs. Lots of penises. I’m not sure why musicians feel compelled to draw so many penises! Everywhere. And anyone who had drawn a portrait, say of Ellis Paul or a Michael Fracasso, well, at some point, someone else came along and added a giant penis. Go figure! I saw my name from the last time I played: I had left a hello for Terri Hendrix, who responded in kind when she was visiting, as well. No penises near either of our names, so we must have a modicum of respect within our community!

The show was a blast. I’d guess about 35 people, but they were singing along, cheering us on, laughing at my silly stories, including the fable that I have been on tour as a dancer with Shakira. In Russia.

I was only to play 70 minutes, via George the soundman’s instructions, but, of course, went an entire two hours.

A night of joy and love, old faces and new. Thanks to anyone reading this who came out to share the music…I hope you will post in here with your thoughts on the night, too!

The most amazing thing is how many of you called/emailed to get me back on the Tin Angel after they decided to cancel me. I want to say thank you, thank you….for your voice does make a difference, and I wouldn’t have had the experience, nor would have Kristin, without your love and support.

The show must go on! And, with your arms around us, we will travel safely and bring you all the song and heart we can!


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  • Sarah Bird


    I am a mad fan of Sara Hickman, her music, her radiant spirit, her lyrical intelligence, her courage.

    Sara, if you ever see this comment, I wanted to tell you how amazingly thrilled I was when I read this month’s “Austin Woman” and saw that you believe a true AW reads. . . me!!

    I love your music and I love the important thoughts you express here on your site. Never stop doing what you do. Your fan, Sarah Bird

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