Time for some brotherly love

she sat on the stage. and she looked out into the smiling faces, and she knew that no matter what, she could sing her song and find solace in the hearts of those who believed in what she had to share.

that is the dream of every singer…to know that there will be people in the chairs, waiting to hear the song, finding applause at the end of a journey to reach the performance.

but….some singers take time off from their dream…to hone their song, or to raise their families….and when they return to the road, things have changed. their names might not be remembered, and thus, they have to start from scratch.

that’s where i am. and because some of you called me out, some of you said “come back! we miss you!”, i am coming to sing a song for you… and i am excited, thrilled and honored to see you again….

but… i need the seats to be filled….i need people to call the clubs and buy tickets and say, “is sara hickman coming? when? put me down for two seats!” and then i need you to share the evening with me at the venue…

….there is a lot of competition in the world. if the clubs think i can’t bring people out, they don’t have time to mess with my re-building a following. but if they think there will be people coming, they will give me a shot.

come help me celebrate “motherlode” and i promise to share a hug, a smile, a song and all the gratitude my heart can muster….with the best show i can give for you. 

right now, i need people to help with the TIN ANGEL show on Sept. 27. my co-bill, david mead has canceled, and so the club has decided to cancel me as well. but i have my plane ticket! i don’t want to give up just as i am starting! i want to come to philly to sing….! 

what do you think? are there folks out there who can help me make this happen?

Advance tickets for Tin Angel shows are available from the box office: Over the phone at (215) 928-0978, noon–10 pm, 7 days a week… In person at 20 South 2nd Street after 4 pm, 7 days a week… Online through Ticketweb

Don’t forget Sara’s other upcoming Mid-Atlantic appearances:
September 29: Ashland Coffee and Tea, Ashland, VA
September 30: Westside Cafe, Frederick, MD
October 1: The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA/Washington, DC with Shelby Lynne

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