To Sgt. Sam…A letter from Jon

Sgt. Sam,

I know those who you speak of and have worked in many ways over the
years trying to understand how we can address the homeless
population. i would reiterate the invitation to attend or serve at
either of the Foundation for the Homeless events, the breakfast on T/
Th or the Interfaith Hospitality Networks stay with us. Do you know
the numbers of homeless that are children? Maybe to you these
children are vermin, but to the Christ you speak of, we are all
children who should care for Creation.

Please do feel free to call or contact me personally if i may be of
service. As a past volunteer coordinator for IHN i would love a
chance to show you around our facility and introduce you to the face
of Christ, the many volunteers who give weekly their service for
their brothers and sisters in need.

and as a listener,
Jon Sullivan

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